Saturday 25 July 2015

The Unthanks Bring Clog Dancing To Killarney.

I have featured the Unthanks wonderful 'King of Rome' video on my blog before.  They really are a breath of of fresh air the girls from Northumberland.

The good wife did drive us over our beloved Cork and Kerry ("there's whiskey in the jar") mountains to the lovely Kerry town that is Killarney.  Queen Victoria once visited the place on her holidays and thousands have flocked there ever since.  One of the Unthanks singers even said:

"Haven't you got such stunning views?"

The audience at the first night of the Killarney Folk Fest also had stunning views of two lovely lasses from the North-East of England.  They sang sad songs and happy songs  accompanied with a brilliant orchestra, pianist, drummer and a spine tingling trumpet and player.  They even danced a few clogs dances for us.

We were only about 10 feet from the pretty two girls dressed in their summer dresses.  I enjoyed, "Starless" (King Crimson), Magpie (just the girls with no music) and of course: The King Of Rome.  Their music goes from folk, to big band, brass band to jazz to folk again.

We met an Italian chap with a lady (chapess) she had an incredible zooming camera.  They looked like professional media people.  She insisted I left my (half empty) pint of Guinness on the stage whilst she took photographs of the Unthanks and the audience.  The Italian chap told us they have come all the way from Italy just to see the Unthanks.  We had come all the way from Bantry over the Cork and Kerry mountains to see them.  Not forgetting the pot holes and grazing sheep on the tunnel road!

I have seen some great bands in my time like of: Kansas, Rush, The Beautiful South, Blue Oyster Cult, Roger Waters, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Marillion, Clannad, Jethro Tull and good old Thin Lizzy to name drop a few (yawn).  I would put The Unthanks right up there with them.  If you get a chance go and see them.  They are going to be massive.  You heard it here first folks.  Check them out on You Tube.


  1. I love the Unthanks Dave, been following them for several years. Glad you like them too, I dont seem to meet many of us!

  2. They are good aren't they Rachel? Have you seen them live in concert? Thanks!


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