Wednesday, 26 October 2016

"It's Like Watching Lassie With Yorkshire Accents".

The nights are really drawing in now and there's not a lot to do a part from looking at emails and blogs on my mobile phone and watching the television.  I tuned in again for Yorkshire Vets on Channel 5.  Last week was the first time we had seen it.  In that episode a poor cat was very poorly and was coming to the end of it's life.  The veterinary (he trained under Jim Wight/ James Herriot) explained to the elderly couple that the best thing would be to put it to sleep.  

It was very emotional and I pretended to cough and I said to the missus:  

"It's like watching Lassie with Yorkshire accents."  

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Talk about fact being stranger than fiction.  I found out the other day that the author of Lassie was born in Yorkshire.  I am sure Eric Knight would of approved of Yorkshire Vets.  


  1. I cant watch things like that Dave. There is another one where he makes the pets bionic with all manner of metal legs etc I cant watch that one either incase he has to put the animal to sleep. Breaks my heart.

  2. Hi Sol. Yorkshire Vets is really good and full of pathos and humour. You can catch up with previous episodes on the 5 website. Thanks!

  3. Hello Dave. Although it is difficult I have always been able to make the decision about my cats and when it is time to have them put down. The last cat I took called Frazer who was 15 and very poorly and had a distinctly unhappy look on his face and not recovering like cats sometimes do, when they suddenly spark back up again, was suffering and I asked the vet to put him to sleep. She said it was the best decision as she could see nothing she could do and she wished other people could be as sensible. Although it is a sad decision time I have always been able to walk away thinking I did the best and the animal is no longer suffering which is the most important thing.

  4. Hrllo Rachel. Glad you got back safe from Russia. Totally agree with you. You have got to think of the poor animal not your own sad feelings of losing your pet. There is no need for any animal to suffer. It feels like a bereavement when they have gone. We recently got another terrier because Fido is getting old and we won't need to replace her. Thanks Rachel!

  5. Sad but inevitable, I've owned a few dogs and always told myself when I acquired them that I'd be digging a hole at some time in the future.

  6. So true Cumbrian, They are with us such a short time.

    The series is based at your literary heroes surgery, Jim Wight. Think they have made the old veterinary surgery into James Herriot's museum. I loved All Creatures Great And Small. Carol Drinkwater once walked passed us in Bantry during the literary festival. Thanks!

    1. Yes, I called at Thirsk one day, a lovely unspoiled little place, sadly with a modern Tesco store on the main road in.
      James Herriots house is indeed a museum, but we didn't get in as Denise didn't feel up to it.
      I loved to watch the original series as well, but my hearing's so bad that I can only manage shows with sub-titles now.

    2. I have been to Thirsk but never noticed the museum. Think it was when we visited Fountains Abbey. Which is an incredible place to visit.

      Sorry to read that your hearing is bad watching television. They should put more subtitles on shows.


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