Friday 13 October 2017

Gardening Inspiration On A Day Out In The City.

We went back to Cork yesterday for another hospital appointment for my brother.  We dropped him off for his treatment and spent a few hours wandering round the streets of Cork city.

It was the usual looking at the architecture, people watching and shopping.  I saw my first Christmas pudding yesterday and this curious sign.
What are Winter Wishes?

 Then we chanced to walk past an old derelict site that's been transformed and made into a garden.

 A beacon of light and hope for all who have mental health issues.    The community garden has been made on derelict land.  I noticed  the land is sold.  I hope they find a new site for another community garden in the city.  Mental Health Awareness is represented by a green ribbon.  In the 19th century green was used to label people who were considered "insane".  It was also the symbol of the Levellers in the English Civil war.

 Nasturtiums growing happily and a bench made from old pallets.  
Exotic looking plants and the green ribbon symbol.   

If there was such a garden down in West Cork.  I would gladly volunteer and do some gardening for them and give them some of my plants.  Do you know of any other gardening projects worth supporting?  I know the RHS always want garden volunteers and they rent allotments.  


  1. I have seen several inner city community garden projects in Norwich when I have been wandering around. They look like they are well looked after and usually have some fun and quirky bits and pieces of art. I enjoyed this post Dave, as I always do here. You have not mentioned your brother before except in these two posts. Does he live on the farm in another property?

  2. Hi Rachel. I would love to see the Norwich gardens photographs on your blog some time.

    My brother lives in a village. He is recovering from a stroke he had last year. I am glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for your comment.

    1. Next time I see one I'll take a photo. I hope your brother is recovering well; I know from my own brother's experience last year that it is a hard struggle.

    2. It will be great to see a photo Rachel. My brother is recovering thanks. But like you say it is a hard struggle and you realize that they never will be the same person. Thanks again for your comment Rachel.

  3. the exotic looking plant is one called a echium. Glad to hear your brother is getting better.


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