Sunday 22 October 2017

Watching Some Blues And Cow Punk In Killarney.

We went to Killarney INEC last Saturday to watch two bands:  Crow Black Chicken and The Super Suckers.  Crow Black Chicken are a Blues band from Ireland and The Super Suckers are a Cow Punk (I had never heard of this music genre either) band from the United States.  Crow Black Chicken are the band in the top picture and The Super Suckers are the band in the pictures below

I never get to see much live music these days living in the countryside and the last time I saw some rock music was when I went to the Night Of The Prog Festival in Loreley in Germany in July of this year.  

Crow Black Chicken are playing England in November.  They are well worth checking out.  One song I really liked that they played was entitled:  Jones Town.  Its about the danger of Religious cults and Jimmy Jones in particuliar in America.  Do you remember it?

The Super Suckers play some really fast heavy music (cow punk) and the lead singer was very entertaining when he talked between the songs.  He said that he liked Ireland and could speak the language:  "Muchas gratias.  They were fun and its a shame a lot more people didn't go to see these bands.  They even did a cover of Thin Lizzy's 'Cowboy Song'


  1. I liked the Crow Black Chicken, great to hear that blues sound . Not so keen on the Supersuckers. Good that you had music like this near you to go to.

  2. Thanks Rachel. Its good to have a night out and listen to some live music once in a while.

  3. Either you were drinking something strong or I need new glasses.

  4. Spec Savers sent me a letter last week telling me its two years since my last eye test. The wife took the photographs with my mobile phone from the back of the venue. I think the photographs capture the ambience of the gig Gwil. Thanks for your comment. They are always much appreciated.

    1. It was the " the wife "? You know you're on dangerous ground there . . .

  5. Yes you're right Gwil. Did you like the music?

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