Friday 20 October 2017

Another Day Out To More Places In Ireland.

I noticed this place when we went to Limerick to visit St John's Castle.  So last Saturday we decided to check out Askeaton.  It's a small town in county Limerick.  Here's some shots for you.
An old Saddlers' shop.  On a further inspection by  looking in the shop window, it was empty, sadly! 
 An impressive looking forged gate to and impressive Georgian style house.  Probably a mill owners house me thinks?

 A weir next to the ruined Friary.

Mass  Dial.
The grave yard overlooking the Friary.

 Old  derelict Corn store at Abbey Mills.  It never ceases to amaze me the amount of derelict buildings there are in Ireland.  Surely ("don't call me Shirley" Airplane  film joke) the building could me made into apartments?
 This looks like the monks and nuns productive kitchen garden.  No doubt they would have grown food, made beer and Mead and grew medicinal herbs and flowers to cure the sick.  It was a Franciscan Friary so they would have been very kind and offered rest and comfort for the weary traveler and sanctuary to heal the body and the soul.  Even today the Franciscans have soup kitchens in big cities like Dublin.  I believe the ruin is part of an old church.
 They were obviously incredibly skilled stonemasons in the 13th century.  


Swans on the river Deel overlooking Desmond castle.  

Its free to visit the Friary and good way to explore the many fascinating old places in Ireland.   It reminded me of our visit many moons a go to Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire.  


  1. Great photographs and interesting post Dave. I particularly like the friary. There must be some bargains be had and houses that could be done up, even large abandoned farmhouses.

  2. Thanks Rachel. I am glad you enjoyed the post. The great thing about visiting the Friary is its free. Have a look at for unbelievable cheap restoration projects. Pure Portugal is mind blowing too. I still have my dream of a smallholding in Portugal. Thanks!

  3. love these pictures Dave, I really enjoy looking at Ireland and other places. Have you seen any more houses with horse shoes. My mind often goes back to that post. With the thougth of what we will find in the next house we renovate. This one I dont think has anything interesting inside. The garden could be more surprising than I think...

  4. I am glad you like the pictures Sol. Ireland is full of ancient and modern places to visit. The Irish believe in luck and after the gales this week I am not surprised they built houses with lucky horse shoes placed in the walls. I try to write about different topics. Look forward to seeing your posts on your house and garden renovations. Its pouring down here and they had 26 metres waves off Kinsale during Ophelia. Thanks and keep warm and safeSol!

  5. That's the sort of place I like to visit; very interesting photos. I'm off for a weekend in Carndonagh in County Donegal soon. Does your musical interests stretch to this: Donegal Set by the Chieftains -

    1. We have never been up to Donegal Philip. I don't mind a bit of Trad. I have a very eclectic music taste ranging from folk to heavy rock and trad to brass bands. Have a good time in Donegal.

  6. 16 photos I think that's a record. Well done Dave and don't worry about Brexit.

    Keep calm and carry on.

  7. Hi Gwil. Hope you enjoyed the photographs. Brexit is turning into a farce isn't it? I will try and keep calm. Storm Brian's just left. Thanks!

  8. i really likes your blog!
    You have shared the whole concept really well and very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.


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