Tuesday 30 January 2018

Walking Every Day And The Joys Of Spotify.

The weather is reasonably dry here in Ireland at the moment with just an odd bit of mizzle.  I walked twenty six miles last week  in the Algarve and I am walking 4 miles a day here back in Eire.  Unbelievably it was warmer here than Morocco on Sunday.  The seasons really are up the spout aren't they?  You get better days in Winter than you do in Summer these days.

One thing I have noticed in Ireland while I am walking along the roads is the amount of rubbish washed up on the beaches and in the rough grass, brambles, hedgerows and farmers fields next to the roads.  Most of it is plastic waste.  It's so different to the Algarve.  

Last week we noticed the Portuguese have litter bins on all the beaches and every road has those big industrial wheelie bins for you to dispose of your rubbish free.  There is no rubbish thrown out of cars and I think countries should follow Portugal's example.   

Any way. The two lads introduced me to the joys of Spotify last week.  For ten Euros a month we can listen to our favourite music where ever we are.  I down loaded some heavy rock when I walked the Algarve beaches last week.  

Today I walked along our road to the sea listening to Chris De Burgh.  I always walk with just one ear phone in my ear when I am walking of the road.  So that I can hear approaching cars and passing lorries.  Do you listen to music when you're walking or running?  

This is one of the tracks I listen to regularly while I am enjoying my walking.


  1. Glad your weather is ok at least since you have been back home. I have never got into listening to music through ear phones. I like your choice of music. Winter has been all over the place, we had frost again this morning but it was a lovely day later. Any properties to look at in the Algarve for renting for a month later this year?

  2. Hi Rachel. Yes the weather is quite good here at the moment. Ireland is very mild with it being on the Gulf Stream.

    I am glad you like the music. It helps me mentally unwind when I am walking.

    We stayed in Gala last week. We found the villa on Booking.com. Just make sure it's got a fire or heating. If you go inland a bit. Hostels and hotels are very reasonable. You could always buy a two bedroom house and rent it out. We are thinking of going down that road. Thanks!

  3. Ouch, I clicked on the Saxon and couldn't get out of it. Of course, I did eventually but it took ages lol. I love music but never thought to play it when outside the house or car. Chris is one of my favourite singers.

    1. Hi Valerie. Hope you enjoyed the music Valerie? The song is about a beautiful locomotive that use to deliver the post.

      Yes we saw CDB in Killarney last year. I love how he tells stories with his songs. Thanks!

  4. Weather is changing alright, it's the 3rd warmest January in the last 251 years in Austria. About 3.5 C above the norm. Glad to hear you had a good hol, Dave!

  5. Hi Gwil. Yes climate change is happening. It was the best week in January we have ever had. We didn't want to come back to Ireland and can't wait to get back there. Thanks!

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