Thursday 21 March 2019

In Praise Of Salycyclic Acid.

If there is one tree that is amazing its the Willow.  The Irish call it a 'Sally' which is close to its botanical or 'Sunday' name.  Like me being called David.   I remember years ago going on a coach trip to Morecambe with my parents and I wanted a gold plated bracelet with my name on it.  The elderly and very smart dressed shop owner lady asked me what name did I want engraved on it.  I said:  "Dave".  She said: " Young man you will have been Christened David and that's the name you will be having on the bracelet."  My mum and dad laughed!  I walked out rather crestfallen with my gold plated bracelet with'DAVID' on it.  I don't think I wore it much, if at all!
"Would you like a 'nice' cup of tea?"
Any road.  Where was I?  Yeah!  I have been making my own 'rooting' liquid.  All you need is a willow tree. Get some secateurs and cut yourself some twigs.  Then cut them into small (2.54 Centimetres) or an inch if you work in Imperial for lots of things and Centimetres for small bits like fractions.  Then fill yourself a jam jar of H2),Adam's Ale' and pop the willow pieces in.  Some folk use hot water, I used cold water.  "Bob's your uncle".  You have made your own rooting liquid.  

I usually use hormone rooting powder.  But now I use my homemade rooting liquid!  Apparently its the Salycyclic acid from the willow.  Willow is one of the sacred trees of Ireland.  Its said to be one of the first trees to grow after the Ice Age.  Willow is used to treat psoriasis, Aspirin, for biomass, water divining, cricket bats...?  It really is a wonderful tree.


  1. You can take willow cuttings and just put them in the ground and they will grow. We planted them like that at the last house. They grew so big we then regretted it.

  2. Yep you're right Rachel. If you dip a cutting in the liquid, it will root. Willow is an amazing tree. A lot of the old wattle and daub buildings used willow. Lots of views, few comments. Good old Rachel. Thanks!

    1. Some days people just seem to disappear from blogs and then reappear a few days later as suddenly as they left.

  3. True. I can get 200 views in a day and hardly any comments. Suppose its like people reading newspapers. They don't write to the editor? But then again. Some folk do. Thanks!

  4. I always longed for a willow tree but never got one. It made sense, though, since it would likely have take over the garden I had then.

  5. Hi Valerie. Me too. The weeping willows are especially beautiful. I would like a pond full of Coarse fish and weeping willows planted next to it. There are dwarf willow trees. Think saw some in Aldi in Cork last wee? Hmmm..? Thanks!

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