Wednesday, 9 October 2019

I Got My Thin Lizzy Stamps.

The good lady wife did purchase me two Thin Lizzy stamps this very morn.  The black rose on the left is the name and front cover of their classic Black Rose album.  The great and much missed Phil Lynott is on the stamp on the left.

They cost one Euros each.  I won't be using or posting the stamps.  We will put them away and hope they will be collectables one day.  Especially when it's commemorating Thin Lizzy's 50th anniversary one year early.

  • Hope you like them?


  1. He still looks scary to me!

  2. He was a charmer JayCee and I wish I could see him again.

  3. Replies
    1. Glad you like the stamps Joanne. I believe you can make roses darker by placing ink in the water of a vase. Thanks.

  4. You can keep them in a tin. ;-)

  5. Ha,ha. Tin Lizzy. Good one Gwil.

  6. Goodness, you have revived a few memories. It only seemed like yesterday since I was raving about Thin Lizy. The stamps are quite an acquisition.

  7. Hi Valerie. The lady in the post office said the stamps are selling like hot cakes. Glad you like the stamps. I find myself listening to music from over forty years ago more than I listen to modern music. Think it's great that groups are remembered by having stamps made in their honour. Thanks.

  8. I 've bought each of my grand children (3) stamp albums and used to buy them first editions of stamps but they grew out of collecting them, which I thought a shame, I would have bought them these.

  9. Hello Chris. It is a shame they grew out of collecting first edition stamps. I think it's another thing I could start collecting. Thanks.


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