Thursday 24 October 2019

Still Eating The Vegetables From The Veg Plot.

I picked two small swedes and some more  kale from the polytunnel this very morn along with some  beetroots and a young leek from the veg plot.

The beetroots will go in a pan of water and boil away on top of the range when its lit later today.  The vegetables will be made into a beef stew.  Organic beef mince is on offer at the German garden centre and supermarket (Lidl) this week.  So it's our second stew of the week.  We always say to each other:

"It's  not what you want.  It's what you need."

It's  just the right food when you have been outside and its wet and cold.  Yes it may be boring but it's full of vitamins and it's not been sprayed with weedkillers or grown with chemical granulated fertilizer.

I remember when me and my old friend went in a pub in Doolin last year and we both ordered the Irish stew.  It was excellent and went up to the bar and said to the barman that I would like to pay for two Irish stews.  He replied:

"Were you hungry?"

We both laughed.

What do the Police have for their dinner?

Irish stew!

" I  arrest you."

Get it?

Do you know any stew jokes?  Do you know any jokes?  Could do with a laugh.  


  1. Knock, knock
    Who’s there?
    Irish stew.
    Irish stew, who?
    Irish stew in the name of the law.

  2. Very good Philip. That sounds like a Goons joke. Thanks!

  3. Not a joke, but a sad veggie story. The members of the church where I play cards every Monday serve an "election day dinner" of turkey and all the trimmings. I asked one member if they served turnips, completely expecting him to say No. In fact he said Yes! And they cook them to mush!

  4. After reading this post I am suddenly ravenous and pondering on what to eat for dinner! Irish stew would be good .. if only....

    1. Hi Valerie. Somewhere like Asda might have ready made stews. Iceland has a lot of choice too. I like one pot cooking. Especially stews.

  5. Oh dear. There's nothing worse than under or over cooking food. We never have a traditional Christmas dinner and go for something we like. One year we had beef curry and we had steaks last Christmas.

  6. I have kale, rainbow chard which looks absolutely beautiful in my flower beds in the front garden. If only the witch next door would stop bloody spraying weed killer. I have so many herbs that I need to collect and dry before the weather turns too cold. HEAVY heavy frost this morning. My car was in the sun and it was still caked in very thick ice this morning. Winter is coming and I am scared stiff! lol

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