Sunday 24 October 2021

Hot Sauce Bargains.

 We went looking in Tesco's for pork pies and I spotted six bottles of Bulls Eye Hot Sauce - Kentucky Habanero Chilli with whiskey for 20 Cents EACH!  Best before 04.11.21.  

I can't/don't  think sauce will go off soon and it's reduced from two Euros to 20 Cents.

I love hot chilli sauce.  Something not very popular here in Ireland.  I use to always ask for a medium hot doner kebab in Blighty.  

I wonder if they advertise Bulls Eye sauce with superlatives like "smashing, super, great?" 

At least I could afford the bus  fare home.  Not there is any public transport where I live.  Oh for a taxi rank or a pint of bitter.


  1. I haven't tried that sauce. Don't suppose you have it on your cornflakes?

  2. I haven't seen it before either JayCee. I would put it on a full English or Irish cooked breakfast.

  3. Hope the pork pies were marked down too. Don't know about that hot sauce but it sure is a bargain . I bet it never goes off. The chillies will kill any germs or mould.

  4. When I have my kebab I always have hot chilli sauce.

  5. Yes I thought chillies would work like a preservative Linda. Pork pies are difficult to source in Ireland along with good old bitter.

  6. Me to Rachel. You need chilli sauce on kebabs.

  7. You have got so much chilli sauce you'll have to have it on your cornflakes in the morning and in your Ovaltine at night.


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