Monday 7 August 2023

"I've Just Bagged A Bargain. Going Back To My Carboots."

It was our first carboot sale in a month due to the rain.  Not selling plants but buying stuff.
Twenty Euros for the cottage ware   They are from the nineteen thirties and forties and most old ladies had one or two of them in their glass cabinet or Welsh Dresser.  

The man even wrapped them in newspaper and gave me a free shopping bag.  

The newspaper took me back to chippy teas on a Friday in Lancashire and there was always an old lady asking the chip shop proprietor to keep her bowl warm on top of the fish range 

Cds.  Brittany Spears (she's a French lass, Britney even😀), brass bands and Prog Rock. I have very eclectic music taste.  Don't ask me to be the DJ at your knees up or 'Do'.  I'm going to a do at the weekend".  "Potato pie and mushy peas?"  "Happen!"
I bought this vaze or vase for 3 Euros.  It's labelled Wicklow Vale.
Me myself and yours truly picked Daisies and Montbretia from the garden borders 
I couldn't resist buying this title.
Here's some more for your perusal.

It was a good day out and I am forty Euros lighter.

You can't walk past a bargain can you?



  1. Have you read "Five Go Transgender", "Five Go to Moscow to Assassinate Putin" and "Five Go To Ramsey On The Isle of Man"? All super books.

  2. All on my reading list YP. I have been asked to write one called: 5 Newts Stopped Boris Building An Oxfordshire Swimming Pool.

  3. Tigger's mum, who is busy downsizing, did an eyes to the sky look. She has had to learn to stay out of charity shops and away from bootsales. Perhaps you too should take up cycling on Saturday mornings. F

  4. I live for carboots and charity shops Tigger. You never know what you will find or what characters you will meet.

  5. The blog that covers everything from Britney Spears to Broccoli Spears.

  6. Asparagus Spears is their posh sister Tasker. I enjoyed composing (composting) this post, thanks!

  7. I see that one of those books is titled Five Give Up The Booze.
    Obviously a work of fiction.

  8. Replies
    1. The alternative title for that one is "Five Go to Fantasy Island".

    2. "De plane. The plane". Lashings of ginger beer, Timmy the dog and non alcoholic cocktails.

  9. I love the Cottage Ware. I wonder at the Enid Blyton "Five" books though. Five go Gluten free? Why? Are they all suddenly coeliacs?

  10. I'm glad you like the Cottage Ware River. All great book titles and it's great to see people like the Author still have a sense of humour.

  11. Car boot sales can be fun, and charity shops. Last visit to town I bought a Brita water filter jug for £4...ours has a cracked lid..and I don't think you can get spares.. certainly would cost more than £4!

  12. Definitely fun GZ. I bought a brand newish track suit trousers from a charity shop for 3 Euros for my trip to Blighty for 3 Euros last week. It's good to help a charity out and grab yourself a bargain at the same time isn't it?


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