Thursday 26 January 2012

A Few Reasons Why I miss the Northwest of England. Buses especially!

They have started selling Vimto in Dunnes and Tesco's in West Cork.  All we need now is some (now follows a list) Hollands pies, black peas, a 'proper chippy' which still cooks them in beef dripping and wraps them in newspaper, public transport, some rock concerts, Thwaites bitter, Greggs the bakers, a real football team to support and SHOUT at, real ale, a cricket club, car boot sales, allotments and a BUS..........?

You see I am a Lancastrian who resides on a little smallholding in West Cork.  Its a beautiful location and I have lived here almost 11years.  The one thing I miss the most is a bus.  Buses are great and keep the carbon footprint in check.  You also meet people and talk at bus stops and on the bus.  Yes I know you do get bus nutters like Jasper  Carrotts: 'Nutter on the Bus' Sketch:

"Eek anybody seen my camel?"

West Cork towns are often jam packed with cars.  Isn't time that these places had 'park and ride' and the cars kept out of the towns?  In Dublin they have 'the Dart' like the 'Metro Link' in Manchester and surrounding areas.  Why can't we have a bus in rural areas?  When I lived in England there used to be a bus every 10 minutes.  I used to miss it because I had not got the patience to wait for it.

We often hear and read about politicians saying that tourism brings in lots of money.  So why don't they provide some public transport for them and for the people who live in the countryside and towns?

What do you think readers?


  1. Same here in Cumbria, some villages have a bus service 1 day a week, it takes the unemployed to town in the morning to sign on, and back again in the afternoon.

    Lake District has a bus service for tourists, Mountain Goat they call it, does scenic runs.

    We still have proper chip shops, Jennings bitter and Cumberland sausage.

  2. I used to spend a lot of time in Cumbria (Lake District). I remember fondly the Jennings bitter, Grasmere (Dove Cottage) Coniston, Genriding, Ullswater... It really is a beautiful place.

    I have recently been watching the excellent Julia Bradbury: Wainwright series on Sky this week.

    West Cork is gorgeous - very much like Cornwall. It just needs some basic infrastructure like public transport, real ale and 'proper' chippie's.

    Thanks Cumbrian!

  3. Genriding? Glenridding even. Sorry about the spelling mistake!


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