Sunday 8 January 2012

What Happened to the Grumbleweeds and Play For Today?

Hi Folks,

To those of you who don't already know I spend my life thinking and tapping the old computer keys.  Yeah I am one of those odd creatures who spends hours, months and nay years practising and trying to be a writer.  It took me over ten years to get published and see my book on Amazon.  I am currently attempting to get another book published.  Its a funny travelogue memoir and I am quite pleased with it.  Do you write?

I think it was growing up in the sixties, seventies and some of the eighties, watching Play For Today and all those great comedies; Monty Python, The Goodies, Spitting Image, I Didn't Know You Cared, Russ Abbott, The Grumble weeds, Selwyn Froggatt, Good Night Sweetheart (what a brilliant time travel idea!), Ripping Yarns, Some Mothers Do Ave Em., Dear John..., that inspired me to want to become a writer. They're just the one's off the top of my head.  Sorry to any of those I have not listed.

Barry Hines: Kes, was one of my favourite books and favourite films from back then.  Along with Billy Liar and  Saturday Night Sunday Morning.   They were films and books about ordinary people, that contained pathos, humour, social reality and perhaps even escapism.

Do you write books or scripts?  What do you think about today's television?  Are you always watching UK Gold?  So am I.  Bring back the Grumble-weeds and Play For Today.  


  1. Yes, Kes was one of my favourite books as well, I think its sucess was due to the down-to-earth working-class language it was written in, everybody could relate to it in some way.

    P.S. I don't hink much about todays television, I didn't have one for 5 years until this year, and that's only for my wife.

  2. I love the sheer escapism and social reality of Kes. There are some brilliant British films about ordinary people. Billy Liar, Little Voice and Brassed Off to name just a few. We should celebrate these films and writers.

    I find it very difficult to find something to watch on my television. I would love to know what happened to the allotment and gardening programmes that they used to show on Sky?

    Thanks for your comments Cumbrian.


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