Tuesday 3 January 2012

Ways to Cure Rural Isolation.

Happy New Year readers.

The countryside is very quiet at the moment.  Too quiet for people even to knock on your door and wish you all the best and :

"Compliments of the season.."

Will the end of society happen when people stop communicating?

I have had the same really really quiet Christmas and New Year.  It's been like a week of Sundays.  Shall we sing Morrisey's: Every day is like Sunday?

So I have been thinking.  How do we solve rural isolation.  Here's a few ideas.

1.  Rip up the credit cards and start knocking on your neighbours door and ask for a cup of sugar or even a crate of Guinness.

2.  Leave the countryside and move to a village or town with a pub and a kebab house?

3.  Start your own public transport service.  But make sure you don't have to drive.

4.  Move back to the town or city - I am very tempted.

5.  Write a blog and see if anybody makes any comments?

6.  Pretend to be a cow.  Don't talk to anybody and just graze contentedly.

7.  Read a good book or ten.

8.  Go to the city for the day and notice all the misuse of electricity and all the awful traffic.

9.   Become a recluse and don't talk to anybody.

10.  Win the lottery and become a 'weekender' and only visit the country-side in the summer and at Christmas.

That's 10 of my ways to cure rural isolation.  Have you any suggestions?


  1. Get a computer and start a blog.

  2. Yes blogs are great. Especially when people like yourself leave comments. Saying that. I should comment more on the blogs I read. I suppose we are use to reading newspapers and not leaving comments every minute. There are some excellent blogs!

    Thanks Cumbrian!

  3. You could always make your place the social hub of your locality and keep inviting friends & relatives to stay for short breaks? Have barn dances, games nights, singalongs, summer camp BBQs... Loads to do and you can still blog so we can still read. :)

  4. You have some good ideas there. The writer Tom Hodgkinson has his own 'house pub' on his Devon smallholding and they drink his home brew and singalong to his ukelele. I invited a friend and his wife over last year. We had a great time - then they went home! Very sad.

    Thanks for the ideas!


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