Friday, 13 July 2018

German Pizza (Prog Rock Dawn Chorus).

If you have a glut of onions why not make yourself a German style onion pizza?

Homemade German style pizza.

Regular readers will know me and my old friend went to The Night Of The Prog Festival in Loreley on the Rhine last year.  It was three days of good old Prog Rock in a idyllic setting.  One afternoon I noticed 'onion pizza' for sale.  They cooked them in a wood oven and the main ingredient was (wait for it) ONIONS.

I decided to try  a slice.  It was very good!  There's was on a thick bread crust.  So the other day we had a go at making our very own German Onion Pizza.  If you want to give it a whirl.  Here is what you need:

We cheated an used a shop bought pizza base.  That cost 1 Euro.  Half a tube of  tomato puree (optional), two large onions (chopped or sliced, garlic powder, 200 grammes of diced bacon and 500 grrammes of grated cheese.   

Make your onion mix: Mix onion and bacon in a pan and sautee until soft.  

Method:  Spread the tom puree on the base.    Spread small amount of cheese over the puree.  Add onion mix then cover with remaining cheese.  Cook until brown and the base is crisp.

That's it!

A really cheap and unusual meal for about four Euro.  It fed two of us both!

Try it and let me know if you like it!

When I was on the camping trip in Wessex and County Clare.  We would be woke up every morning at four with the birds singing the Dawn Chorus for twenty minutes or so.  My friend would sometimes shout form his tent:

"Are you awake Dave?"

I would reply:

"Course I am.  I think the birds are putting on a Prog Rock concert for us!"

"Probably Dave!"

Talking of Prog Rock.  Here's The Franck Carducci Band who we saw last year at Loreley.  They are playing Cambridge Rock Festival this month, I think?  I love this track.


  1. That looks so good! Maybe I'll make one for the cup final.

  2. Thanks Linda. Yes please do make the pizza and let us know if your family liked it.

  3. I think it sounds good although I would not eat an onion pizza personally because onions repeat on me and the taste is there for hours later and I don't like it then. I enjoyed the Carducci track. Great guitar. Thanks Dave.

  4. Hi Rachel. We find because the onions are already cooked before the pizza goes in the oven. They don't repeat on you. The onions give pizza a new twist.

    I am glad you like the track. They are great musically and look great. Thanks!

  5. We sometimes make curry pizza. You just mix cuurry paste with tomato puree. You can make pizza with what ever ingredients you have in the fridge or cupboard.

  6. Onions don't like me so I will have to take your word for it that the pizza was good. I like seeing new recipes though.

  7. Hi Valerie. Some things don't agree with us. I don't eat pork or fish much. Its good to see new recipes. Thanks!

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  10. Yes, an Onion Pizza!!!!!

    We would do it, with just onions, which were sauteed a nice long time, so they become extra sweet and delicious. Plop them on a pizza crust and bake.

    Of course, a real pizza oven, would be better but..... :-)


    A 'Nana'


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