Monday, 30 July 2018

"Can You Ride Tandem?"

Rachel's been drawing some wonderful pictures (camper vans on precarious pinnacles..) of the Tour De France on her blog over the last week or so.  I mentioned the following TV chimps advert on a comment last night.  So I wonder if this jogs your memories.  I couldn't believe it was made in 1971!  

I think its time the chimps were back on our screens, don't you?  Wonderful tv advert nostalgia!


  1. Thanks Dave for the mention and your appreciation of my drawings. I am always glad to know someone is enjoying them for what they are, fun. As I said last night, I don't remember that particular Brooke Bond ad but we all remember the chimps. Adverts don't seem so memorable these days and lack the short, catchy tunes and slogans that they used to have and everybody knew. I remember going to a Christmas office outing to a pub in Newcastle in the 1970s and during the evening we acted out adverts and sang along to them. They were as well known as top 10 hits of the day even though I didn't even have a television at the time!

  2. You're welcome Rachel. You always entertain us all with your zany take on things. Sounds like you had a scream in the Newcastle pubs. I use to know a lad who walk into any pub rough or ok and grab somebody's hand and shout: "Does anybody want to play cowboys and indians?" He never got into trouble and most people laughed, even joined hands. Thanks!

  3. Very British... So I'm not familiar with them.

    We all remember older adds though, don't we? Can sing the old "jingles," etc. :-)

    "Pop pop, fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is"

  4. Hi wisps of words. I suppose tea adverts are very British. My favourite advert slogan was:

    "Beans Mean Heinz."


  5. I used to like the adverts more than the shows and definitely remember the Brooke Bond monkeys. I wish TV was like it used to be. Now I don't seem to enjoy anything.

  6. The old adverts were great Valerie. I often watch my favourite television gardeners and sit coms on You Tube. We seem to have lots of quantity but not much quality these days. Thankd

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