Monday, 23 September 2019

A Post About Jack Russell Terriers.

We have had three Jack Russell Terriers since I have lived here in Ireland.  They are one of our favourite breeds of dog along with the Border Collie.

  I have the cup with a Jack Russell on to drink my black coffee every morning.   The wife drinks out of a cup with Border Collie dogs on it.

I seem to have fallen off the old blogging horse now the weather is turning for the worse and I  have been struggling what to write about.  So I was sat drinking my black coffee this morning and noticed the terrier looking back at me.  So I thought  I would write about them.

The Jack  Russell Terrier breed is over 300 years old.  A fox terrier bitch called Trump was the Reverend John  Russell's first mother of the breed named after him.

We have had three Jack Russells since we have lived here in the countryside next to the sea.  Toby had the bravery and heart of a lion and he would think nothing of stick down an hole in a ditch or a tree.  Fido lived until she was 17 and we talk fondly about them every day.  There is never a day they are not mentioned. Fortunately  we still have Scamp to keep us company.

Here's to the terriers, enjoy the video.


  1. I like the Jack Russell even though an old friend's snappy little dog once nipped me on the back of my hand. The Lancashire Heeler is a very similar dog but folk say it makes a better tenter. Border Collies are great too. Good choices for your mugs!

    1. I wouldn't want to be an Irish postman , they should get danger money ,-)

    2. Hi Gwil. We've had a few Heinz 57 varieties of dogs too. We once had a Border Collie who was at least half human. If I mentioned the lead I had to spell it out loud : L_e_a_d. Or our Border Collie would bark. She also sat down at Pelican crossings and waited for it to beep. We mention her every day too. Glad you like the mugs!

  2. I agree with you about not wanting to be an Irish postman. Especially the one in the video. Post people are never allowed in the house. So dogs think they must be bad and therefore think they should chase the post. Thanks Gwil.

  3. We had Cairns for fifteen thirty odd years. I like terriers.

  4. Cairns are great too Joanne. Like all terriers they are characters.

  5. My family were big dog lovers but I do remember an old neighbour who worshipped Jack Russells. My request to get one was totally ignored.

  6. Hi Valerie. Our favourite dogs are terriers and sheepdogs. A terrier makes a great canine friend and are suitable for any size of home. Thanks!

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