Tuesday 24 August 2021

What's So Great About Great?

One thing I really like about working with people is the conversations we have.  Living in the countryside I can go days without speaking to anyone other than immediate family.  I think that's why I write and  compose blogs and comment on my favourite blogs that I follow.

I was talking to someone when I was working the other day.  He remarked that he couldn't understand why when people refer to the famine in Ireland it's called the Great Famine.  He said there was nothing great about it.  I agreed and said that the first world war is often called the great war.

I thought this might be a 'great" topic for a blog post.  So I looked up other examples of when great is used:

Great Wall of China.

Great Lakes.

Great Dane.

Catherine the Great.

Great Bear.

Arthur Ashe was a tennis great.

I am sure you have examples of the word great?

Do you remember Bullseye?  "How you doing, smashing, great!" 


  1. Well, my lovely niece says that I am a Great Aunt to her two little ones.

  2. Grated cheese, garden grate, Watergrate, grating of fingernails on a school blackboard. The Grate Gatsby, Alfred the Grate... I could go on - but I won't as this might annoy you.

  3. Alexander the Grate and Sophie the Sofa. Everything's got a name in our house!😊

  4. Great post, Dave, without being too great.

  5. I was only talking about the Great famine the other day with some one the other day, how spooky

  6. Hi Dawn. I ha have read that there was two famines in Ireland. The last one was called The Great Hunger. Thanks.

  7. The Great Depression ... which can't have been great for anyone.

  8. Good one Virginia. Very true.


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