Monday 30 August 2021

Cricket In County Kerry.

What could be more quintessentially Irish than seeing a game of Cricket in county Kerry?  

Is there a more stunning backdrop/vista of Tralee Bay in the background? 

We drove from Tralee to Fenit on Saturday afternoon and passed through the village of Spa. We couldn't believe our eyes.  A game of Cricket was being played at Kerry Cricket club.

We talked to one of the Cricketers.  He said they play mainly 20 -20.  We told him about the new 100 format where each team gets 100 bowls at each other.  We were intrigued that Cricket was being played in Ireland.  He said there are Cricket grounds in all the Cities and they are very keen on it in the North.

It was a magical sight and that great Manchester band 10CC song started playing on my mental jukebox:


  1. I didn't think cricket would be that popular in Ireland. Good to know.
    I loved that 10CC song. I used to sing along to it every time it came on the radio.

  2. I was amazed nay gobsmacked JayCee when I viewed probably the most beautiful Cricket ground I have ever seen. Yes it's a very catchy song.

  3. That is a beautiful location for a cricket ground - as long as a tsunami wave does not come tearing up the shore. The captain of England's one day team is an Irishman - Eoin Morgan.

  4. It is indeed YP. I would have happily played for Ireland or England if I was in a brass band.😊

  5. I love 10CC. I saw them at Newcastle City Hall. 1978 Tour. I'm not In Love. I used to watch one day cricket then too. It was good to know that it had an ending time.

  6. Great band and a great concert venue Rachel. I remember you writing about your Newcastle gigs and memories when you lived in Newcastle. One day cricket attracts the punters and they enjoy watching the big hitters. Thanks!


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