Sunday 1 August 2021

Garden Plants For Sale.


We went carbooting yesterday.  I loaded the car up with my perennials the night before.

There were only an handful of carboot sellers and we set up at 9.30 and waited for the world and his wife to arrive at eleven.  This never transpired.

We did meet some really nice people, the sun shone and we made twelve Euros after paying for our pitch.  Not a bad days takings from 9.30 to three.

I much prefer buying than selling!

Carbooting is like fishing. Some days you never have a bite.

Oh well!


  1. Oh well. At least you're back in the game and with a small income.

  2. What a shame. Was it the weather that kept people away? It was horrible here yesterday, but the sun is back today.

  3. You win some you lose some Linda. It was like casting your line and hoping to catch a big fish.

  4. It was good weather and we had some great conversations. Another day another dollar.😊

  5. Next time you go carbooting may I suggest that you have a wash beforehand. Deodorant in the armpits, a shave and "Brylcreem" in your hair - this should help to bring customers in. Mrs Northsider should think about wearing an animal print bikini.

  6. But it's not my birthday and the barf is still full of coal. Will a bottle I found under the sink called TCP suffice for deodorant YP? I like the idea of an animal print bikini. It will go nice with the donkey jacket.😊

    1. Sales are all about presentation David. Forget the TCP, try Old Spice instead. Do donkeys wear jackets?

  7. What about Brut YP? "Splash it all over."

    I've watched FA Cup finals when the teams walk out in their suits and jackets before the match.

  8. I used to work the markets in Kent, selling my hand made clothes. I could never plan how much stock to make because sometimes I would sell out, and other times I would go home after making no sales! It is the ups and downs of selling in the open air, but it was fun, even in the pouring rain.

  9. Hi Vera. Thanks for the encouraging words. I suppose even shops go days when they sell very little or anything at all? It's all down to the punters if they wish to purchase or just browse. Thanks!


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