Saturday 8 July 2023

The Joys And Failings Of A North Facing Garden.

 I named my blog Northsider because I reside on the North side of a peninsula in West Cork.

I really envy people with South facing gardens.  Their flowers come into bloom much quicker than mine and seem to stay in flower longer.  However when my plants and shrubs do flower they do bring me much joy.

It is actually a nice day today after the wind and rain yesterday.  Here's some photos of flowers in bloom in our gardens and polytunnel at the moment:

Arum Lily.  One of my Grandmother's. 
Hypericum.  Easy to propagate from cuttings in the Autumn.
Nasturtium.  Grown from seed and can be ate in salads.
One of my African Daisies or Osteospermums cuttings in the polytunnel.
Shasta Daisy.  Named after the snow capped mountains in California. 

Roses.  My dad bought bought us this before he passed away.
Hypericum again.  Supposed to keep the witches away.
An old wild dog rose.

Fuschia.  Very common in the West of Ireland,  Cornwall and the Isle of Man.  It originates in 🇨🇱.  Don't know it got here?  Did it come with the Gunnera and potatoes on the Gulf Stream or did Sir Walter Raleigh bring it over or was it the Spanish?


  1. The flowers in bloom look lovely Dave. I love to see colourful flowers out in a garden. I suspect they have enjoyed the rain. I remember one year having a very wet August with even flooding, kind of freak weather, and the roses that year were the best roses I have ever had.

  2. I love traditional cottage patchwork quilt gardens with herbaceous perennials Rachel. We need rain but preferably at night when we are asleep. Thanks.

  3. Well, it is obvious that your flowers are thriving, despite facing north.
    It is warm here today, but drizzly and breezy. I expect our flowers will like it but hope we get your sunny weather soon.

  4. We are a few weeks behind south facing gardens JayCee. I was going to try selling some of my perennials at a carboot sale tomorrow but there is 80 percent rain forecast. Drat!

  5. If nothing else when their gardens are roasted in the summer, yours will get a little less heat...

  6. We suffered a number of plants in pots casualties when it was Scorchio here in June GZ. Hopefully they will green up again after all the rain next week.

  7. Nice pictures of your most colourful blooms. Thanks for sharing Dave.

  8. Years ago I visited relatives in Deal, Kent, and went for a wander around the neighbourhood. It must have been May or June, and their gardens were so far ahead of mine I was quite upset. I suppose that our gardens on the wet west coasts of Wales and Ireland go on later into autumn - at least, that's how I console myself!

    1. I have visited Kent twice and it really is the garden of England. We don't get their weather living in the West next to the Atlantic.

  9. Beautiful flowers, I love the wild dog rose. Here under the equator, north facing gardens are highly prized. The south is far too cold.

  10. Thanks River. Wild flowers are beautiful. How strange that North facing gardens are highly prized where you live.

  11. I recognize some of your flowers. Most of them are winter flowers here . The arum lily comes up year after year without any care. It dies out in the summer, like the nasturtiums though I'm over watering a portion of the garden trying to keep some alive.
    You have a wonderful array and lots of colour. The Northside and the Northsider make a great combo

  12. It must be amazing to see them flower in Winter Linda? I have seen vegetables like onions and potatoes growing in winter in the Algarve. I'm only watering the polytunnel at the moment. It was a chore watering outside when we had the heatwave in June.

  13. You have clearly chosen your flowers well Dave - very colourful on your Northside. Just think how much less unpleasant will be your patch when global warming turns the South side into a desert.


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