Sunday 23 April 2017

A Day Out On The Slea Head.

We went to Dingle on Friday afternoon in County Kerry, Ireland.  It was its usual bustling tourist spot.  It reminds me of Cornwall but yet it's still got its own unique feel about it.  We heard many different accents (English, Irish, German, American) and an elderly American lady came in the chip shop ("chipper") and asked if they sold 'fresh' fish.  I treated the missus, number two son and myself to a bag of chips each.  Well you have to splash out sometimes.   

We then went for a drive along the incredible Slea Head Drive.  The scenery is stunning and it's been used in films like: 'Far and Away' and 'Ryan's Daughter'.  

We saw lots of quaint cottages, holiday bungalows, ancient Beehive huts and stopped at The Slea Head Famine Cottages.  See pictures below.

 Beehive Hut.  These ancient dry stone walls structures are round like a bee hive and used from ancient times to 1200 AD.  
 A Thatched farm house.
 A cement mixer having a day off and looking at the stunning scenery.
 The Beehive Hut in the background.  Brambles are busy camouflaging this building.
 A mannequin farmers wife. 
 Same house/picture.  From a distance.
 The stable for the donkey and cattle.

Ancient treadle powered sewing machine

Ireland is an incredible beautiful country.  The Dingle Peninsula is the most Western point of Europe.  If you ever want to see some incredible beautiful scenery.  I would recommend you visit Ireland.  


  1. Eating fish and chips in the open air on the Sheerness (N Kent)seafront, with a bracing sea breeze blowing the mental cobwebs away, and the seagulls bombing us in the hopes for something to eat as well...fond memories!

  2. Hi Vera. Love the mental cobwebs imagery! Thanks!

  3. I have never been but would love to visit. I loved Ryan's Daughter. Great day out Dave and you live in a wonderful country. Thanks.

  4. Flights are really inexpensive Rachel and it's well worth a visit. Especially the Western seaboard of Ireland. David Lean touched gold when he directed so many memorable films that we all know: Ryan's daughter, Bridge On The River Kwai, Brief Encounter (back to your trains blog yesterday)and Hobsons Choice... Thanks!

  5. I remember two things about Ryan's Daughter. John Mills and the magnificent scenery. Wish I could see it in person

    1. PS the 'fresh fish' reminds me of my mother in law who asked to go and buy a chicken and make sure to ask them if it was fresh . Lucky my Greek wasn't that good back then. What an insulting question

    2. Hi LA. Sir John Mills was amazing actor wasn't he? Ireland is very beautiful, Even when it rains. You should go for it and book a flight here.

    3. It always makes me laugh when you see signs for 'fresh eggs' for sale. Well you wouldn't want rotten ones would you?

    4. LA, I think she meant "do they sell wet fish" which is not an unusual question to ask in a fish and chip shop, i.e. fresh fish for taking home to cook as opposed to fried fish in batter that the shop do for eating in paper straight away with chips. If you follow.

    5. I'll go with your version. Otherwise it's another brash American tale

  6. Weirdly right now I cant remember what fish tastes of. Chips with a view of the sea always taste amazing. Chips at Mevagissey, wandering the tat shops, seagulls swooping. lovely thought

  7. Lovely seaside imagery Sol. Mevagissey is also near the Lost Gardens Of Heligan.


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