Saturday 8 April 2017

Even More Photographs From The Algarve.

I hope you are not getting bored with our holiday pics?  There is  or was nothing worse than when somebody would show you their "holiday" pictures.  It would go something like the following:

"This was Mrs Jones who shared the same table at the boarding house every breakfast.  Her husband liked his bacon well done.  This picture is their son Jonathon.  Says he's going to be a test pilot for Airfix...."

Yawn!  Sorry for my attempt at humour.  

Do you remember when you use to go to Boots the chemists and drop your film off to be developed?  Three or four days later, you would pay the chemist ("anything for the weekend sir/madam?") and immediately open the folder with your new photographs.   You eagerly paid for 22 blurred photographs and 6 good pictures of your finger tips.  The good old days hey?

Wait Dave.  Wasn't it you who bought a Digital Camera in Argos in Killarney and asked the girl on the till: "What film does it take?"  

Time for some more pics:

The Billionaires/Millionaires model boat lake called Vilamoura Marina.  There was no recession here.  I thought I would see Simon Lebon or Wayne Rooney on one of the yachts.  Didn't see any bikini clad pop stars like Mel B sun bathing either, sadly.  Must keep buying a Euro Millions ticket.  
Elvis the Sailor Man?  Well, that's what  he looked  like to me.
I was sat drinking a large glass of Sagres reading this sign.  We weren't missing Ireland or England or any where else.  Well maybe my faithful tripe hound/ Jack Russell Fido.  


  1. I am enjoying the photographs Dave. I always take a throwaway camera, single use job from Boots. I only just got my one from Russian trip developed last week. I like the surprises! P doesnt like looking at my photos on the computer and prefers a few taken the old fashioned way so I take them for him really.

    I think some areas of the Algarve have changed a lot with the marinas since I last went. Nothing like that in the 1980s.

  2. Hi Rachel. I am glad you are enjoying the photographs. I know what you mean about liking the surprises when photographs turn out different to what you expect. I like black and white photographs. They seem to capture the atmosphere and emotion of the subject more than colour does.

    You should visit the Algarve again. I always feel like I belong there. It's still very beautiful an inexpensive. Thanks!

  3. Awesome yachts. Wouldn't mind a holiday on one of calm weather. Or even just drinks on deck would do. Love the photos. Don't know much about the Algarve

  4. Yes they were awesome yachts LA. Drinks on deck and a day trip around the coast would be great. The Algarve is the Southern most part of Portugal. It's been popular especially with Brits since the sixties. The Portuguese are very friendly people.

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