Friday 22 February 2019

Algarve Litter Bins.

We are always amazed how clean and litter free it is in the Algarve.  There are bins everywhere.  Be it the beach or in the busy town streets:

 The green bin is clothes and shoes.  The round bin is for house hold domestic rubbish.  They are double the depth of the bin you see on the right hand size of the picture.
 The blue bin is for paper and cardboard.  The yellow bin is for plastic.  Gwil (Zen my ass blog) told me once that they have plastic recycling bins in Austria.   The green bin is for glass bottles.  I think its time we had plastic recycling bins in Ireland.  Or even some bottle banks on the north side of our peninsula.  Or even litter bins in the countryside?
This amusing picture says it all doesn't it?

Even on the Algarve beaches there are litter bins everywhere.  I never saw any litter or plastic on any of them.  Fair play Portugal.  You raise the bar when it comes to litter!


  1. Well done Algarve. Here in California we have those doggie bins along the beaches. I once posted a photo of one that had a fairy on it and it says "we are not the poop fairy", that made me laugh.

  2. Thanks Terra. I live next to the same Atlantic ocean that the Portuguese do. But we have plastic on our beaches and they have none or very little. Like you say: well done Algarve! Thank you for your comment.

  3. I remember the Algarve being spotless in the 1980s and the grass being watered every morning and being lush and green and never seeing any litter. I take my litter home with me.

  4. Hi Rachel. It always amazes me how other countries like Portugal provide litter and recycling bins. I always see rubbish at the side of the country roads. No doubt thrown out of passing cars. If there were litter bins I would put their litter in it. Thanks!

  5. It's a 50 euro fine in Austria if you forget to bag and pick up your dog poo And the dog poo police are sniffing about. There are plenty of bins for man's best friend. So no excuse.

    And also there are special litter bins fitted with ash trays. These are usually near bus stops or taxi stands.

    One thing puzzles me is the number of energy drink cans littering the roadsides. Obviously only enough energy in the drink to drop the can. Not enough energy to carry it to the next litter bin.

    Excrementes Caninonos is called Wurst here which also means sausage.

    1. I see all kinds of detritus on the roadsides Gwil. Cigarette packets and plastic and paper cups are the main culprits along with nappies and plastic drinks bottles. No doubt thrown out of car windows. I think that if there were litter bins at least somebody would fill them instead of them lying on the beaches and in the verges.

      I have sampled the Wurst in Vienna and its not canine poo. Its very good. Washed down with a Dunkel or two. Thanks!

  6. Algarve is extremely desirable. Clean, great climate. No wonder you keep on going back.

  7. It's a wonderful place LA. The weather is amazing, most people speak English, its far from expensive and its got no litter problems. We love the place. Thanks!

  8. We could take a hint from the Algarve but with bin men being on strike all the time it would be a complete. Oh to live in the Algarve.....

  9. Hi Valerie. They know how to keep the place tidy in the Algarve. I would to live there. One day please God. Thanks!


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