Wednesday 6 February 2019


Continuing with the bus theme:  BUS SPOTTERS!
The bus spotter is a strange creature.  Its habitat is normally the local bus station.  You often see this creature on a Sunday morning if you’re unlucky enough to have to wait for a bus.  You know what it’s like your sat waiting for a bus, feeling hung-over and trying to read the Sunday newspaper over some bodies shoulder.  Why is its always a tabloid?  Showing some big breasted scantily clad celebrity?  Suddenly somebody dressed in a lumbar jacket and a hairstyle modelled by Friar Tuck, shouts to somebody in a shell suit and a kagoule:
 “Did you get that one?  “It’s the L6973854.” 
“Yes I know.  It used to go past Withington hospital in 1995.  But now it stops at Halifax Argos every Saturday afternoon.  “It’s got a Perkins diesel engine and Pilkington’s glass constructed the windscreen. ”. 
“Are you sure?  I thought that was the Leyland L6973854?”   
There are even websites and magazines were you can look at your favourite bus.  Or buzz if you come from my part of  Lancashire.

 Get a life lads.  They are just BLOODY Buses! (“Buzzes”).
Another bus theme tomorrow!


  1. Each to their own hobby, I guess. When I was a kid it was collecting bus tickets. Wish I could remember why!

  2. Aren't there some strange hobbies Valerie. When I was a kid I collected matchboxes and matchbooks. Then one day my dad pointed out my bedroom was full of live matches and he made me get rid of them all, thankfully! I have had lots of other hobbies since and moved on to collecting different things. Isn't it strange how you can become a collector of something. Thanks!

  3. I haven't seen bus spotters because I don't use buses but the railway station at Norwich regularly has train spotters and they take films of the trains these days as well as the numbers. I sometimes speak to them and there are those who don't engage at all and others who are quite chatty. I have to admit to being quite interested in the trains that come in because some of the rolling stock is 50 years old and I often Google the numbers on the engines to get the dates! The old engines also have good names and come from other areas. My favourite one at the moment is called the Isle of Mull and has the motif of a dog on it. I have photographed it along with lots of other people.

  4. Thanks Rachel. Just my attempt at humour. I can understand why people get all emotional about steam locomotives, even diesel engines. But your common old bus? I like going on the double decker on the Park and Ride when we visit Cork city. Have you any drawings/ pictures of the locomotives. Thanks!

    1. I liked the post and do appreciate the humour. I even find myself funny when my friends getting the trains have a laugh at me with me (I still see people I used to see when I was working; they know me well!) You have to laugh don't you! There used to be an elderly man in Norwich with a bike who stood on different roundabouts and took photographs of lorries and was well known and my brother, and other drivers, used to pick him up on their way home at night from wherever he was and sling his bike on the back. He only had a kodak instamatic but had photos of all the old lorries. He was friends with all the drivers and would share his photos with them. I think that sort of thing is great.

  5. Love the story of the bike photographer Rachel. I think monochrome photographs especially capture the emotion and ambience so much better than colour. I think thats why I like old black and white films, especially English ones so much. Thanks.

  6. There are mystery coach trips. The old neighbours I knew who went nearly every weekend said they didn't know where they were going until they got there. The idea was that they could guess the name of mystery destination and the person who guessed right took the small change collected in the hat. It was entertaining and passed the time. Strange that the driver always won they said.

  7. It always said India on the tyres and Leyland on the front but the mystery tour bus never went there. We often went on day excursions to North Wales, Morecambe, Windermere, Southport flower show, Trentham gardens and Blackpool. Wonder where the charabanc went?

    Thanks Gwil!

  8. completely off topic have you ever taken forsythia cuttings? from whips? I have no colour here at all in the garden for the winter and I miss it. I am wondering if that might be enough to give it a bit of winter colour

  9. Hi Sol. Yes I have succesfully rooted Forsythia cuttings. Heathers and Primulas and daffodils give a lot of winter colour. The Azaleas are flowering here today and I saw some wild Celandine in colour on my walk the other day. I think its a good idea to buy plants at different times of the year. Its horrible and wet and windy here tonight. Thanks Sol.


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