Thursday 13 June 2019

A Mixed Day At The Car boot Sale.

I got up at 5.15 on Sunday morning and filled the car with small perennials in trays.  It only took me an HOUR!

We had a cup of brew (black coffee) before we set off to the car boot sale near Cork city.  It's only about fifty miles away.  We paid ten Euros for our pitch and duly proceeded to empty the car of plants.   I decided to only charge a Euro a piece for them!  A helpful car booter seller came over and said we should try to sell plants that are in flower.  Most of ours did not have  any flowers.  Slap on wrist.  Sit on naughty seat!

Any way to cut a long story or standing time.  We sold eighteen plants.  Minus the pitch fee of ten Euros = 8 Euros.  Not bad for a mornings work eh?  

On a positive note I met some great people and passed on some good tips like how to make a Sedum cutting.  I even demonstrated!  I am available for after dinner speeches, garden fetes and gardening programmes.  Oh I forgot to say.  I am very CHEAP!

When the biblical multitudes of car booters gave us a minute.  I walked round on a car boot treasure trail.  This is what I found:

The vase or vahz cost four Euros.  It's hand painted, fine Staffordshire China and made just after the Second World War.  It made my day!  Do you like it?  What's the least you ever made on a car boot sale and what's the most?  


  1. I do like the vase Dave. I wish you had sold all your plants.

  2. Thanks Rachel. Ireland isn't a nation of plant lovers like England is. Carboot sales are places to buy rather than sell. The vase is hand painted. It's beautiful. Thanks!

  3. I too like the vase, Dave. Lucky you for acquiring it. Many moons ago I knew a guy who sold plants at garden functions. He also took a photo of the plant when it flowered and the photo was on show beside the plant.

  4. Hi Valerie. I think the vase is wonderful. Stuff from by gone times was made by craftsmen who had talent and affection for their work. The photo is a good idea. I took 250 small plants that I had grown from cuttings. Next time I will take some bigger ones in flower. Thanks for your comment.

  5. Thanks Lincoln. I see on your profile you are from Canada. Do you like the Rock band Rush? I have seen them twice. Thanks.

  6. Ta very much. I am sure you're complimenting the vase

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