Sunday, 2 June 2019

From A Limestone Quarry To A Landfillsite To A Garden Of Europe.

We visited Listowel in Kerry on Saturday.  Its a bustling place where there is always something going on.  Be it a literature festival, the races or browsing the shops.  You can even go in the great writer, John B Keane's pub.  We decided to visit the Gardens of Europe.

This is in a corner of the town park next to the river Feale.  It was once a limestone quarry and then the town's landfill site and then it was landscaped and planted and became: The Garden Of Europe.  

We parked the car next to the river and followed the well positioned sign posts to the Garden Of Europe:

Information about the Garden of Europe.

The only Irish monument to the Holocaust.  The wood represents the railways and the chains for oppression.  There are Oak trees growing here.  They sprouted from Acorns found at Auschwitz.  

Great Britains  garden also with Oak trees.
Germany's.  The bust is of the poet Schiller who composed "Ode To Joy".  Beethoven put the words to music.
John B Keane sculpture and Ireland's garden.

There are 12 gardens representing the 12 EU countries.  I only wrote about recycling the other day and I think this is a great way of using old landfill sites and making parks and  planting 3000 trees for us and the future generations to enjoy.  Lets have more green spaces please?


  1. I forgot to say it was 12 EU countries when the garden was created in 1995.

  2. What a wonderful idea. Looks so green and full of interest

  3. It is isn't it LA. Its amazingly peaceful too. We met several people who were having a walk. They all smiled and said "hello". Thanks!

  4. What a lovely day out. It's not often one sees a garden dedicated to other countries. I was thrilled to see Gt Britain in there. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I am you were thrilled Valerie. Britain won't want back when or if Brexit happens? "Please can we have our oak trees back please?" I am only joking. Its a lovely place and a lovely town. They've even got an Iceland store and Aldi and Lidl. Thanks!

  6. Been weeding and my typings not very good this morning, sorry.

  7. You have lots of interesting places where you live Dave. Thanks for sharing. Funny to have a Europe Garden. I wonder where the idea came from.

    1. Thanks Rachel. County Kerry is my favourite county in Ireland. They are such get up and go people and friendly. Don't know where the Garden of Europe came from. It was an excellent idea and its going to be enjoyed by many generations. Thanks.

  8. look beautiful place with interesting monuments.

  9. I am glad you like it Tanza. Thanks for your comment.

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