Wednesday, 24 November 2021

An Autobiography Of A Genesis Guitarist.

Back in the the early eighties my mates and myself would listen to Heavy and Prog Rockbands records and Kansas, Rush and Steve Hackett would always be playing along with a myriad of other great bands.  

I've admired Steve Hackett and his guitar music for around forty years but I never managed to see him or when he was in GTR.  But I bought his records and in recent years I am always watching his Genesis Revisited shows on good old You Tube.

I have just finished reading my eleventh book in eleven weeks on good old Kindle.  The last one his called " A Genesis In My Bed" an autobiography by Steve Hackett:

It's a very good read and if you like Steve  Hackett  I would purchase his book.  The book starts with his working class roots and it talks of his upbringing, the wonderful 1945 Labour government,  Grammar school, writing an advert in Melody Maker and Peter Gabriel phoning him up and he successfully auditioned for Genesis.    

He mentions lots of famous Rock musicians and singers and his influences like Buddy Rich who greatly influenced Neil Peart author and Rush drummer.  

Steve Hackett also talks about spiritual experiences and seeing a ghost.  Something that I can relate to.  

It's a good read and I enjoyed it.


  1. Whenever I read this kind of biography or see old concerts on tv, I wish I'd practiced harder.

  2. I know what you mean Tasker. I could have wrote some great ish?, lyrics but I don't think I could ever have mastered an instrument. I don't think there is any greater medium than music to move a person. Thanks.

  3. I would like to read it Dave. He is still touring. The spiritual side also appeals to me.

  4. It's good Rachel and I like reading about spiritual things. Thanks.

  5. I applaud you for the number of books you have recently been getting through on your Kindle. You put me to shame. I have become an intermittent and slow reader - perhaps it is an age thing.

  6. Thanks YP. The ferry journey allocates me time to read every morning and afternoon. I'm reading Cider With Roadies at the moment. Very funny and a good read for anyone likes music. Especially Prog and Punk Rock.

    1. I have read a few books by Stuart Maconie. I like the way he writes about things he cares about such as The North of England, working class history and popular music. The last one I read was about the Jarrow hunger march.

  7. I would like to read the Jarrow hunger March. I've read Pies and Prejudice and The People's Songs. He's like a modern day George Formby/John Peel.


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