Sunday 23 January 2022

A Favourite Meatloaf Joke.

You know you're getting old when another one of your Rock heroes left their mortal coil this week and God booked them to play that Heavenly never ending Rock festival in the sky.  God bless Mr Meatloaf I will always play your CD's in the car and watch you on You Tube.

I remember "Meat" once telling the following story on  the old electric fish tank we call television a few years ago: 

A circus Ringmaster observed an elderly man shovelling up the Elephant dung.  He asked the man how long he had been doing the job.  The man said: "Over twenty years".  The Ringmaster asked him if he was fed up and tired after cleaning up after the Elephants?

 "No" said the man.  

"It's show BUSINESS!"

Well it made me laugh.

A classic song from a classic Rock star.  Time to get out your air guitar and hairbrush microphone folks:


  1. He was certainly a showman. Great talent.

  2. He was JayCee. Like some one said in the comments to the video: he put theatre into Rock music. I could have seen him play in Killarney a few years ago and something cropped up and we never got to see him sadly. Gosh I have missed live music since 2019.

  3. Sad that he died of COVID after refusing vaccination and masks - a kind of suicide. I guess that's rock n'roll.

    1. He was in terrible pain and had many operations on his back and underlying illness. A great showman. Greatly and very sadly missed.

  4. I am quite fond of a nice meatloaf with gravy and mashed potato. I wonder if he ever met Freddie Mercury. They had a similar "authority" when out on stage.

  5. You mention two absolute Rock greats YP. I loved Queen's albums like A Day At The Races and A Night At The Opera. Bat Out Of Hell was Meatloaf and Jim Steinman's classic Rock album. Thanks for commenting YP.

  6. A Night at The Opera was the first 8-track tape I ever bought.

  7. What a great first choice Debby. It's a Rock classic.


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