Wednesday, 5 January 2022

The Girl In The Pink Dress.

I once visited Glastonbury music festival in 1989.  Put Glastonbury festival in my blog search and you will find some of my stories.  Or just leave a comment asking me and I will share anecdotes for you.  Perhaps you have some tales yourself?

We watched Glastonbury The Movie on Netflix to'ther night.  It brought back what it was like to live for four days and nights in a dairy farm that's suddenly become a canvas tent city of 20000 folk, Scrumpy, mud men and women and a girl in the pink dress.

There is a young woman in the film and she just walks around wearing her pink dress.  She reminded me of Julie Christie in one of those nineteen sixties films that I can't remember who walks through London with a smile on her face.

It was a good fly on the wall kind of film and I liked The Verve but I preferred it when we saw The Pixies and All About Eve.  

The first Glastonbury Festival in 1970 cost the astronomical admission price of a Pound and they gave you a free bottle of milk.  It cost us 28 Pounds in 1989 and now it's something like 225 Pounds and sells out in 5 minutes.

Happy days!


  1. I never went to Glastonbury so I am a little envious Dave. Mind you, I did get to go to a few other big festivals. I will probably find time to watch this film. If the filmmaker Mike Leigh says it is "a masterpiece" then it probably is!

  2. Like most blog writers YP I would imagine you are a people watcher. The film brought back a lot of great memories like buying scrumpy in polythene containers that you would normally buy paraffin in, nude people, hippies, Hare Krishna dancers, hash pancakes, mud people....? I remember you writing about that Isle of Wight festival with ELP and the biblical multitudes in 1970. I bet the film brings it all back. Thanks.

  3. The question begs an answer: any particular reason you can't remember that movie from the '60s?

    I will have to see if that movie is available on American Netflix.

    1. I do now thanks to Jean, Debby. Glastonbury is England's Woodstock. It's a experience that stays with you forever. Oh for the summer time and to see some bands.

  4. Was the movie Billy Liar or Darling with Julie Christie?

  5. Thanks Jean. It was Billy Liar. What a brilliant film!

  6. I've been to Glastonbury but never to the festival. I bet it was a great experience. Lucky you. It was great to be young in those days

  7. Yes Linda Glastonbury town is a great place to visit. The music festival is about 6 miles away on a farm near Pilton village. Great cider country. I thought the same about being young when I watched the film. Don't think I would have the energy to have little or no sleep for four days and nights. I still want to go to a festival this year but these days I rent some accommodation and enjoy the modern comforts like a shower, proper toilet and a comfortable bed to sleep in. Thanks.


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