Sunday 30 January 2022

"Walking On A Old Railway Line."

 Alternative lyrics to Katrina and the Waves 'Walking On Sunshine'.

We went to Abbeyfeale  town in County Limerick to look at the new Greenway the other day.  It's very well signposted and you walk on brand new tarmac where the railway line once ran.  Here's some photos:

Some examples of the well signposted route signs.

A bit about the railways history.

Abbeyfeale railway station now a private residence.
Abbeyfeale railway platform.
Old water tank where the Locomotives had a welcome drink.
Old railway signal.
Please click on the photos to see them in more detail.

We only walked 3 Kms in the Kerry direction.  We walked along the new tarmac surface.  I was really impressed with the quality of the walking and cycling surface.  The terrain is very easy going and much more easier than the hills down here on the Sheepshead Way where we live.

We said "hi " and "hello" to several walkers and cyclists we met on our saunter.  They were all ages and men and women.  

I never noticed any litter bins or bins for dog waste.  I suppose the powers that be expect you to take your own litter home? 

It was great to see a fantastic job done to a once neglected and seemingly forgotten old railway line.  These Greeenways are arteries and channels of fresh air and give the walker and cyclist a safe and enjoyable and relatively easy leisure routes through the Irish countryside, villages and towns.  

I will definitely go back and walk some more of the Limerick Greenway.  


  1. That looks like a good, easy path to walk. I expect it is very popular as a result. How long is it from start to finish?

  2. It's a great surface to walk or cycle on JayCee. The Limerick Greenway is 39 Km long or just under 25 miles. I hope to walk it all this year. Walking it in sections and getting the wife to drop me off aand pick me up along the way. It's much more easier than walking the hills in the countryside by the sea where we live in West Cork. Plus you meet people and there are benches to rest a while. Thanks.

  3. What a nice walk! I like that the history was kept so that you could learn it as you walked along.

  4. Yes Debby I thought the same and we discussed the railway history and what famous people may have been on the trains on that railway line.

  5. As Wallace might have said - that was a grand day out! I hope that the cyclists who use the greenways are required to ring bells in order to warn of their approach.

    1. It was YP. Good idea for the cyclists to ring bells.

  6. What a wonderful place to walk. Lovely photos.

  7. Thanks Linda. Its an incredible transformation from a disused railway line to a Greenway for walkers and cyclists. Its really been done well and no expense spared.

  8. I've walked on these converted rail tracks in Spain (Via Verde) and also in Western Australia. None had been surfaced with bitumen. There must be a lot of money sloshing around in Ireland to fund all this!

  9. Sixty million Euros was awarded to Greenways in Ireland last year Margaret. Thanks for commenting.


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