Wednesday, 2 February 2022

This Is The Life.

 Sometimes you watch a video on You Tube and it absolutely blows you away.  Rather like when I was a teenager and I listened to a song on the radio and I rushed to the record shop  and just had to buy that single and I would rush home and play it over again and my mum would shout up the stairs:

"Turn it down it's  like a bloody fairground".

Anyway give this video a whirl please and see if it makes you feel young again? It genuinely moves me and makes me think of young people being homeless and the crowd makes me think of Iggy Pop's  ' Lust  For Life".  Perhaps it's because it's a Scottish singer and a Scottish audience and wasn't Iggy's track in Trainspotting?

I would love to see Amy live at a festival.  It was 2019 when I last went to a Rock festival.  When was the last time you went to a gig?


  1. It's a great song. Thanks for reminding me of it. I can't remember the last gig I attended because I am usually high on drugs when I go to concerts. It was probably at "The Greystones" which is a concert venue half a mile from our house. Probably three years ago before that heavy metal band COVID19 blasted the world away.

    1. It is a great song YP. My last concert was a Rock festival in Kent in 2019.

  2. No wonder the crowd went mad. It's a great song. You made me smile. I used to do just that. Rush out and buy the single and play it till it drove my mother mad!!

  3. It is a great song and a great singer and musicians. That must have feeling to buy that single was incredible and probably planted the seed of my obsession with music. Thanks Linda.


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