Sunday, 27 February 2022

A Fantastic Film For Kids Of All Ages!

 Saturday afternoon was really relaxing and we settled down watching Mr Fantastic Fox on Netflix.  Have you seen it?

It's based on Roald Dahl's book and we thought it to be amazing.   The animations are incredible with famous actors and actresses doing the voices.

The animal characters have American voices and the farmers have English ones.

Apparently when the film was released parents didn't take their children to watch it at the cinema because it had adult themes like alcohol abuse and violence...?

Mr Fox writes a column in a local newspaper and his wife is adorable and I fell instantly head over foxtail in love with her.  Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix began to play in my mental jukebox.

Fantastic Mr  Fox is a Canine James Bond.  Without spoiling it for you he decides to give into his nocturnal hunting instincts and goes hunting in the farmers sheds. He's one fox you can't out fox!

I think Roald Dahl gives the reader/viewer an understanding that the beautiful sensient creatures are wild and want to be free.  It gave me an idea for another blog post in a couple of days time.

The book end with the words"And so far as I know, they are still waiting".


  1. Agree it is fantastic. We've watched it a few times.

  2. Yes Tigger. I would put it up there with Miss Potter, Watership Down, Babe and 101 Dalmatians in terms of animal related films. It's incredible.

  3. For fox sake I have not seen it but I must confess that I loved the "Toy Story" films. Some of today's animated films appeal to every generation.

  4. It's nothing short of brilliant YP. We loved it. Thanks.


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