Saturday 29 January 2022

A Mural Of Mona Lisa Supping Guinness In Tralee.


We went over to Kerry for some retail therapy and some of my favourite English beers from the best stocked off licence in Ireland.  

We walked through a ginnel (northern English term for an alley way) and I noticed the Mona Lisa drinking a pint of the famous Liffey water and Blennerville Windmill in the background.  Do you remember when we walked along the ship canal to the windmill?

I love street art and these murals always make me think and smile and though I can't/couldn't paint anything myself I do appreciate art.  


  1. I like murals too. They give me a smile . Love the talent these people have, and imagination.
    Like the name Liffey Water too 😅

  2. Absolutely Linda. They are so incredibly talented and imaginative. The artist who painted this mural should be called the Irish Banksy. Thanks!

  3. That is a brilliant mural. Amusing and well painted too.

  4. I remember Mona. She was a loner. And her sister Lisa liked pizza. Why not have a go at a mural on your property? A great big union jack should be easy enough to do.

    1. A great big union jack should be easy enough to do
      Now grab some paint and a brush - I'll leave the rest to you
      The finished flag will be seen by passing ships at sea
      Soon sailors will drop in for muffins and English tea
      "Welcome to our home" you and your wife will declare
      "Now look across the bay and breathe in the coastal air"

  5. Free Thwaites bitter tomorrow. But if they ask today there will be sorrow.

    Great poem YP.

  6. Great poem YP, great poem he said
    Before chasing Mona and Lisa to bed
    "What's going on?" asked Mrs Northsider
    As Mona and Lisa giggled beside her
    "Oh nothing" said Dave, "I'm just larking around
    So go to sleep love and don't make a sound!"

  7. Good one. That poem would make the Mona Lisa smile YP.


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