Tuesday 5 December 2017

Barrowing And Spreading FYM For Next Years Potatoes..

We got two dumper loads of fym delivered the other week.  I have been spreading it on next years proposed new potatoes plot.  

Of course I dug it over first and piked and barrowed the muck.  I don't kill myself any more though and the most I pike and wheelbarrow in one session is ten barrows.  I don't spend all day knackering (is that a word?) my back when I can do it over a few days or weeks.  

 Dung spread and my empty plastic compost container called: "Compo".  I lost the plastic piece on the side so I stick a piece of wood instead.  Any vegetable waste goes in there now we have no livestock this winter.  I got tired of paying for feed and mucking out for no profit.  We will probably buy a couple of weanling heifers in March to keep the grass down and fatten.  

My wheelbarrow having a rest.  Hopefully the worms will take the fym down over the next few months.  I don't want all leafy growth and small potatoes.  

I think I will dig a trench when I plant the tubers and put some dung under them.  I am still not fully convinced about "No Dig".  Old Jack Frost and the winter rains and some rough digging all contribute to making a good crop of potatoes and lovely friable soil.  


  1. Looks like some good muck there. I agree about going about it a a pace that suits.

  2. Hi Philip. Yes its well rotted and full of juicy red brandling worms, an anglers dream.

    I don't stick at any gardening task for more than a few hours at a time. I am in my fifties and I can feel it. I still believe in forking and digging it over first. Thank you for your comment!

  3. Sounds the right way to go about things Dave, forking and digging and mucking and at your own pace. I am a great believer in pacing myself with jobs in the house at my speed. With floor cleaning and getting down on my hands and knees with a scrubbing brush I set so many rows of tiles/bricks to do and then leave it at that, then do the same the next day. Saves getting all hot and exhausted and it is easy to count up and know when the job will be finished. Very methodical person, me!

  4. Hi Rachel. Little and often and pacing yourself takes the mountain out of any jobs in the house or in the garden. I once new an old allotment holder who an immaculate plot, not a weed in sight. He just hoed a bit every day. You do sound a very methodical person. I have missed your blog posts every day. Thanks!

  5. When I am at jobs around the place, I take regular breaks to rest for a while and then continue with the task, nothing to do with age...just something I have always done. I shall be 75 soon.

  6. Good advice Heron. I damaged my back years ago and I suffer a lot of pain especially when I do hard physical tasks like piking farm yard manure and digging.. I also think the task is halved if you only go at it for a few hours and then do something different. Thanks!

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