Saturday 30 December 2017

Ears Like A Shit House Rat And Other Rodent Tales.

We were watched television (for a change).  I asked the missus to turn up the television volume (how did she get hold of the tv remote control?) and she told me I had selected hearing and was deaf.  I heard myself retort:  

"You have got ears like a shit house rat."  

I suppose that was probably one of my most romantic sentences in twenty one years of marriage.  Its probably years of listening to heavy rock music and playing the stereo at number ten.

This morning I was told Domino had left me a present in the garage.  The penny dropped in yours truly head.  Didn't I leave some bags of barley there?  Open ones at that.  Sure enough I opened the door and found a brown rat with no head on.    So I got my Celtic shovel (they like the long handled ones in Ireland) and picked up Mr or Mrs Country rat and slinged it over the hedge.  

Oh did I tell you about that lad I use to work with who use to tell me that a rat use to visit his garden every night and he use to leave dog food out for it.  He insisted it was the same rat that visited him every night.  I tried to explain that it would not be the same visitor every night but he would not have it.

Do you have any ratty tails (my dad use to sell them to the council for a shilling a tail) or tales?


  1. Did you see the Highway Rat on tv over Christmas? It was our favourite Christmas Day programme.

    My cats sometimes catch rats. My neighbour feeds the birds on the ground unfortunately and attracts rats.

    1. No we didn't see it Rachel.

      Poultry attract vermin when food is scattered like bird seed. You need a cat in the countryside don't you?

  2. commenting on phone, this may all go wrong....
    at least 4 times a week, the dogs chase something dirty brown in the garden with a long tail. it isnt the same one as they seem to kill 3 of of 4 of them. I have to use the shovel and put them into a carrier bag, that goes in the metal bin. having a stream in your garden and bordering a farm may not have been such a good idea if I had been more squeamish. They also had a rabbit the other day which they had pinned against the fruit cages. I think it died of fright as I went to go and get the shovel and it was gone, where some of the rats have been in the death throw and I have had to finish them. Good thing I am used to being on a farm. The neighbour said she is glad we have the dogs, the previous person had bird feeders all over the garden and they used to scuttle by their patio doors! eww

  3. Hi Sol,

    Yes I also have started using m phone for putting comments on blogs...

    The dogs and cats are worth their weigh in gold around a smallholding or country dwelling.

    We use to open the door on our duck house an rat would jump out. They had tunneled into their house.

    Have a great 2018 Sol.

  4. So far, so good. Not a rat in sight, although I guess Charlie the cat would tell me if there was one. Mice I can tolerate, rats Ooooh no thanks. I think you're brave even lifting them on a shovel. Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year.

    1. Hi Valerie. The country rats are pretty clean and our deceased one looked OK and probably only ate organic seeds from the fields.

      Have a great 2018.

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