Friday 16 March 2018

Homemade Log Rack.

Number one son made this log rack the other week.  Its very strong and I put it in front of our Stanley range for your eyes perusal.  Obviously its not very sensible or practical to leave it in front of the oven door.  I think it looks rather good when its laden with logs.  A practical place where they can sleep like a log.  


  1. I see you've logged on ,-)

  2. To quote the great Arthur Askey: "Ay-Thang-Yow".

    Why do dogwood trees make great pets?

    They have a great bark, but wooden bite!

    We should write for the Dandy or Beano Gwil.

  3. I like the log rack. It keeps the logs nicely off the floor and would look nice in any fireplace. His aesthetics are coming through.

  4. Thanks Rachel. The log rack is very true and you are right, his aesthetics are coming through

    Great Lancashire hotpot draw for City and Liverpool in the Champions League. Well done to the Gunners too.

  5. The log rack is very strong not true.

  6. Nice rack, clever son. On my visits to Irish in-laws I used to love the smell of log and peat fires. Oh happy days.

  7. Thanks Valerie. I remember the turf smell when we use to get off the ferry on arrival in Ireland. We buy bags or it when we get dry summers. Last year was one of the wettest on record. That's why the Rushes thrive so much. Thanks!


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