Sunday 18 March 2018

Home Made Korean Amber Beef For Under A Fiver.

I tasted this dish in an Asian takeaway in Kerry and thought: "Why can't we make it  at home and for under a five Euros.  I like it "hot, hot, hot".  This is very hot and spicy!

Ingredients for two people or three or four if you're a bit tight!  I found the recipe on to old T'web and Tinternet.  Isn't he a clever man, him who owns the Internet?

400g of finely cut steak. Some supermarkets sell it prepacked under the guise of Stir Fry beef. Make sure any fat is cut off.  Domino the cat and Fido the terrier helped with the fat.  You never see Gordon Ramsay with a cat rubbing his leg and a terrier looking up with a long drooling tongue!

We got it all from Lidl.  Some of their prepacked beef can be a big stringy.  But if you cook it in the oven, it's fine!

A smallish bottle of dark Soy sauce.

A tablespoon of Sesame oil.

Sesame seeds.

Garlic powder.

Chilli flakes.  The hotter the better!

One large onion cut into banana shaped slices.

One red pepper cut into strips.

One finely sliced carrot.

How you make it!

1. Pour the bottle of Soy sauce into a mixing bowl that has a lid.

2. Add a tablespoon of Sesame oil and mix the liquid.

3. Add a tablespoon of Garlic powder and continue mixing.

4. Add a tablespoon of sesame seeds and a tablespoon of chilli flakes and mix.

5. Add your beef to this mixture and mix by hand to ensure that all the beef is fully coated by the mixture. Seal the bowl and place in the fridge. For best results, 24 hours, but a few hours will do.

The Wok.

1. As is usual heat the Wok to a high heat and then add a tablespoon of vegetable oil.

2. Add the beef and liquid and cook on a high heat for 5 minutes constantly working the beef around the wok.

3. Add the onion and pepper and option carrot and cook on high heat for two minutes constantly stirring.

It's ready to eat.  There you go an Oriental meal for two for less than a fiver.  I loved it.  The missus said it was TOO hot.  I realize that a TABLESPOON not a Dessert spoon is the key to making it flipping hot!

I once bought a tin of Homepride curry.  Talk about not being hot.  It should have said on the label:  "Made for babies"!  Some like it hot.  Well I do anyway.  

I was ordered to dispose of any left overs this morning.  I was told it was too hot for the terrier or cat to eat.  I wonder if Mrs or Mrs fox likes our Korean Amber beef?  

Do you like it hot?


  1. Too hot for the cat? My eyes are watering at the thought of it. I might just use your recipe today. I'll go easy on the chili flakes. I think I've got everything but the seasame oil.
    I like it hot but not so I suffer!!!

  2. Hi LA. It's the tablespoon of chili flakes that makes it hot and gives it umpth. Vegetable oil will suffice. Please let us know if you liked it. Oh and it was cooked in the oven not stir fried. Thanks!

  3. I like very hot curries at the local Indian better than my own and anything I make in the wok that I do with soy sauce and sesame oil always tastes the same whatever I put into it! I don't think I have quite got the knack.

  4. Hi Rachel. Yes the Indians are very good. Do you have Asian grocers near you? We find it difficult to get fresh spices. If you marinate your meals over night and cook them in the oven. They taste more authentic. The recipe on this blog is hot. We never used tablespoons of spices before. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Dave. Yes, we have got Asian grocers here. I like the idea of cooking in the oven rather than having to stand over a pan on top. I will give it a try.

    2. Hope you enjoy it Rachel. Oven cooking is a great way of using cheaper cuts of meat. We love our multifuel range because it Cooks our meals, gives us got water and heats the radiators to keep us warm.

  5. Would that be North Korean or South Korean Amber beef?

    I saw 1.5 kilo of sausage meat on sale for 3 euro and some cents. You can't can't buy pet food for that. What's going on? Think about it.

    1. Hi Gwil. If Kim Jon says it's N.Korean, it's North Korean.

      If it's Bratwurst, I will buy some.

    2. His Bratwurst is bigger than yours.

    3. True. At least he supports United like my good self.

    4. =§=
      O 0

      Thanks, Kim.

  6. I would have loved this... anything hot was good. I say WAS because I don't cook anymore. How sad is that?

    1. It's hot, very hot Valerie. Perhaps you get it ready made? Thanks!


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