Wednesday 14 March 2018

There Are Even Rushes In Our Garden.

A photograph of part of our very weedy garden (at the moment) outside the kitchen.  The soft rush seed no doubt came  from the field behind the Fuchsia hedge and Phormium.  no doubt the birds and wind and rain brought the seed.  

A plastic sheep peering through the weeds.  Behind it there is my drainage rods.  I keep these handy for unblocking any blockages in the septic tank.  I installed an 'Armstrong' plastic manhole cover to make the rodding possible.  

In front of the rushes is a log that I placed in the range and it was too big and the lid wouldn't go back on so I dumped it on the garden.  The terrier is a garden ornament to remind us of our terriers.  

We had a terrible wet and windy night last night and its still too wet and cold to start weeding the buttercups, Montbretia and RUSHES!  You wouldn't believe that under half of the garden is Mypex landscape fabric covered in gravel.  It's hard to keep the weeds down when its cold and wet and you're surrounded by fields .  

I don't like using weedkillers and I always give my plants a good dollop nay barrow of well rotted cow manure.  Cow manure is a cold manure and the weed seeds don't get too hot and die like they do in horse manure.  

They are forecasting snow for St Patrick's Day.  Hope we don't get it.  Although I prefer it to the rain.

Do you use weedkillers or do you hand weed like me?  I keep saying I will buy a weed torch?  Anybody recommend a good one?  Are they any good?


  1. I have a pottery snail, roosters, frogs and dwarfs I my garden. I love the way they disappear in the carpet of green winter clover and appear again in spring as the clover dies.
    I have started pulling the clover from the vegetable garden. It does die out completely in the summer heat.
    Totally different climate! We use goat droppings as manure. Just about time to shovel it around the lemon trees

  2. Totally different climate. You're so right LA. I love the aroma of orange and lemon trees. Especially in Portugal. Thanks!

  3. The bull rushes grow in very wet areas, ditches, here so I am surprised you would think of clearing them to grow something else; surely the area is boggy and wet?

  4. The soft rushes grow mainly in grassland any vacant soil. It's only got about six inches of soil on top of the cliff overlooking a field.

  5. I never used weedkiller in my rather large garden... think of how it can reach the wildlife. Weed pulling was and still would be my choice.

  6. I sometimes wish there was an organic/natural weedkiller that we could spray on the wild plants in the wrong place. But like yourself I resort to weed pulling and mulching. Thanks Valerie.


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