Monday, 31 December 2018

A Daffodil In Late December. "Don't Stop Believing|"

Welcome to the Irish Riviera (West Cork) and look what's is happening in the garden and plant pots.

 A special day for us yesterday.  It was my dad's death anniversary (six years) and this little Daffodil decided to open up its flower.  Was it a sign from above?  Dunno but it upset me very much.  We had a drink of Scotch whisky last night and toasted: "Granddad".  It's Grandmas birthday next week and her anniversary the week after.  Isn't it a great time of year?
 Lily's growing in pots.  Their parents once were lovingly tended by my grandmother.  I hope Jack Frost doesn't decide to paint them.  They don't like frost.
 A Daisy still flowering.  Yes the grass needs cutting and I have so much weeding to do.  It's just been so wet.  Even when it's not raining it's wet.  That sounds daft but it's so true!
Bergenias or Elephants ears in flower.  The great English plants woman Gertrude Jekyll loved them and used them in formal edging.  Americans call them "pig squeak",  If you rub their leave they let out a shriek that sounds like a pig.

We watched "Rock Of Ages" last night.  Tom Cruise reminded me of Axl Rose.  The plot isn't great but the songs are excellent and the hedonism is what you would expect from a Rock N Roll film.  I have said before the songs from thirty or forty years ago are better than a lot of today's music.

Any way thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great 2019.  I have so many plans for next year.  One is going to a rock festival in Blighty.  Never thought I would still "Rock n Roll" in my fifties.  Anyway here's a song with appropriate lyrics: "Don't Stop Believing!" 


  1. I believe in signs like that. I had a dreadful day a few years ago when we were selling the farm after mum died and one afternoon I was crying and there in the gravel was a poppy that suddenly appeared, never seen one there before, just peeping out of the gravel. I was sure it was mum come back for me. I enjoyed the post Dave, and that blue wall was definitely a good idea. Good luck in 2019.

  2. Thanks Rachel. If the Daffodil had decided to flower on Saturday or even today I wouldn't have thought nothing about it. Your poppy was a very similar experience. Like the Journey song says: Don't stop believin.


  3. Pigs squeak, wonderful.
    I'm sure that daffodil was a sign. They're still green and growing here .
    Thought I saw a daffodil one day and thought of you. Alas it was a clover flower, just the same colour
    All the best for 2019

  4. Hi LA. Yes there are some great non botanical nanes for herbaceous perennials. Dunno if it was a sign but it made us think. All the best for 2019. Thanks!

  5. The universe is a mysterious place. The more we learn the more we can't explai

    1. Yep. God is a very clever creator and his universe is amazing. Happy New Year Gwil.

  6. Heehee ... I will never make a gardener, I thought weeding was only done in spring or summer. Keep on rocking and rolling, Dave, my view is that 50 is still young. Happy New Year.

  7. The weeds and grass are still growing here Valerie. I put the Lily's in pots in the polytunnel yesterday in case Jack Frost visits.

    The music festival attending started again two years ago. One year it was Germany and we stayed in an hote. Yes posh Rockers! Last year it was Doolin Folk Festival in tents. Guess who's tent got saturated? Poor Folkies. Next year its Blighty and a B and B. So we will be posh again perhaps? Have a great 2019 Valerie.

  8. I am marching my way at a cracking pace through my seventies, and I still like to swing along with any type of music belonging to the Rock genre.

    As for weeding, none is being done here at all by us, but the sheep are doing a great job on the veg paddocks.

    Wishing you and your family a good and positive 2019. Vx

    1. Happy New Year Vera. A lot of my favourite Rock bands are in their sixties and seventies.

      I have started weeding my perennials in plant pots. Good to read the sheep are helping you in the veg plot. Thanks!

  9. Some bulbs have started to come up here lately, I have no idea what they are but as the puddles have not unfrozen all day even with the sun on them I think we are a long time off of any blooms.

  10. Hi Sol. We haven't had any frost yet. Hopefully Spring will be soon this year. Happy New Year.

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