Friday, 16 April 2021

An Old Irish Pub In Clonakilty.


I saw this idyllic looking pub in Clonakilty today.  

I love the whitewashed walls the wooden stable door, the old bike with plants in the carrier basket and the old barrel and bench.   If those walls could talk? I wonder which famous people had a pint or four of the black stuff in there?

Perhaps one day the pubs will be open again this year and we can go in gaze at the myriads of rural artefacts on the walls.

Perhaps we could have a pint too?

We went in Dealz(Poundland) andI bought myself a two Euros T shirt and the wife a striped jumper and a pair of secateurs for yours truly.  It's amazing to be able to go further than five Kilometres again.


  1. I bet that pub does a fine pint of Guinness.
    Wonder if they have Pimms or prosecco?

  2. Or even Murphy's stout brewed in Cork JayCee. I think you have been back to that posh village near Manchester airport where I lived for six months. They even take their Sainsburys carrier bags into Lidl to pack their shopping.😊

    1. Is that the one where Posh and Becks used to live? We stopped there once for coffee. We were definitely not quite their class 😉

  3. Yes David and Princess use to drive past us in their Porsche. It was a lovely place to live and perfectly safe but we couldn't afford to even rent somewhere let alone buy anything. The people who worked in their shops were working class but they had to live out of the village. I loved the place. I could say similar about Kent and Dorset. Amazing places but not for the likes of me alas.

  4. Now there's a pub with character. Hope you can drink there one day soon

  5. Hi Linda. It's certainly not some square concrete and glass building designed by a computer. One day soon please God life will return to the way we remember it back in 2019.

  6. That is indeed an inviting pub. Roughly translated, the Irish Gaelic sign reads: "Get Pissed Here!" which is probably not what is written on your two euro T-shirt.

  7. It translates to "little house" YP. There's quite a bit of information on the pub on the Internet. I am always after a bargain and the T shirt was in the sale.

  8. Love it - I have bene photographing old tin buildings recently - I like their inherent melancholy; pubs though are bright and cheerful, which I like too!


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