Monday, 19 April 2021

Spring Time Flowers And Potatoes Growing In Our Irish Garden and Polytunnel.

 I thought I would take some photos of plants and vegetables in flower and growing in the garden at the moment for your perusal:

A Paris Daisy in flower.  I also have Shasta and African  (Osteospermums) Daisies in my garden.
A Bergenia or "Elephants Ears" or "Pig Squeak" finishing flowering.  They are very robust and originate in Siberia and China.
Wild Primroses with their tender yellow flowers.
An Azalea in flower.  Notice how close it's planted next to a field.  I have a constant battle with the ever encroaching weeds like nettles and grass.
A Pieris "Forest Flame" next to Geraniums and Shasta Daisies. 

Periwinkle or "Vinca" in flower in pots.  It's a very invasive plant but I like it because it comes back every year.
Some of my potatoes growing  inside "Portugal" my  polytunnel in an old fish box.  I don't think it will be long before they are flowering and we will be eating our very own "new" potatoes.

Why not show us your plants and vegetables in your gardens or allotments blog friends?

A perfumed fragrant Geranium flowering in an old soil filled  tractor tyre.  You can also see onions growing in containers and plant pots.


  1. Isn't it wonderful to see nature doing what it does best each Spring?

  2. Yes JayCee. The Darling Bud's Of May or even April.

  3. Q. Why not show us your plants and vegetables in your gardens or allotments blog friends?
    A. Because you would split your sides laughing in derision - that's why not.

  4. I wouldn't YP. Mother Nature plays a blinder at this time of year.

  5. You've got a nice variety there. Everything has already started to dry up here. However roses are growing new leaves, geraniums are looking greener and I bought some more basil. The first one died on me. Hopefully it's warm enough now to survive.
    Leaves are growing on the grape vines and tomato plants are still deciding, live or die.
    In a month we should have a bit of positive growth....and then it's water water water

  6. Thanks Linda. It's soft rain here today. This should make it all look like the Emerald isle again. Water Crystal's are well investing in for hanging baskets and containers. Watering becomes less of a chore. My polytunnel needs watering almost every day now.

  7. Wild primroses everywhere here - glorious lanes all over Pembrokeshire

  8. Wonderful. Pembrokeshire is very similar to the West of Ireland with it's rendered vernacular dwellings and similar natural landscape.

  9. Here in Carmarthenshire,we have had many days of sunshine this year, but also more frosts than usual. My tomato plants will have to go into the ground today,as they have grown so well,there are flowers and side shoots. I will have to protect them at night. Soon it will be a full time job watering and tending everything. Potatoes need earthing up, apricots and peaches to thin. I have already taken 100 apricots off ,now they are 1" in size. It was 40c in the tunnel yesterday.(to hot to work) We are glad of our 8 IBCs.

  10. Thanks Kathy. IBCs are brilliant. You sound like you grow things on a large scale. All our outside potatoes need earthing up today. That's why I call my polytunnel "Portugal" because it gets so hot. We had a nice day of soft rain yesterday. Much needed and everything looks green and verdant again.


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