Wednesday, 7 April 2021

My Osteospermums Decided To Bloom Today.

It's  a bit overcast today and it keeps trying to rain.  Typical April showers weather.

It's also quite hot at times and I went to see my plants and vegetables in the polytunnel this morning and my Osteospermums had decided to spread their flowers and put on a show:

Aren't they Bobby Dazzlers.   They love the micro climate that is "Portugal" my plastic and galvanized tube polytunnel.

I grew them from cuttings late summer/autumn last year.  Mother Nature helped too.

To quote A-Team Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith: "I love it when a plan comes together."


  1. Showtime in Dave's Gaff!
    It's freezing over here today. We even had a couple of snow showers. My buds are shrivelling!

  2. Yep JayCee. They're beauties.

    It's not been too bad a day weather wise. The range is lit and its Madras beef curry for tea. Keep warm. Thanks.

  3. If a few more of those flowers bloom then you will be able to present Mrs Northsider with a bunch to say sorry for all your wrongdoing.

    1. They aren't for picking YP. However it is a good idea and perhaps I might find a bunch of apology flowers in Lidl.

  4. Osteo-sper-mums. What a mouthful. Lucky I'm used to long greek words. I' sure we have some of those around here. I shall keep an eye out now I know their name. Portugal is looking good

  5. They are also called Cape or African Daisies Linda. I've seen lots of them in the Algarve and ice plants grow wild on the sea cliffs. I would imagine they do in Poros?

  6. They are looking happy. Dave. Few frosts here this week, but I have risked planting 6 tomato plants in the tunnel, so far so good. I gave them and the courgette an exra cover. Very cold today, but the sun was back around 2pm.

  7. Hi Kathy. They love the warm environment of the polytunnel. We also planted six tomatoes in there this week. Everything is doing well and I am watering virtually every day now. Thanks.

  8. I had a plan come together once. It was awesome.


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