Thursday 25 July 2019

Gardening Tools Having A Rest.

I took this photograph yesterday morning.  I was busy making a herbaceous perennial border and planting it up with my homegrown perennials.  

I think it could be a  still life picture in itself: The Lazy Gardening Tools.   Do you think Tate Modern would pay me for it?  Well they bought a pile of bricks?

The two gardening tools that I love using are my Azada hoe and my silver shovel.  Azada is apparently a Spanish or South American word for hoe.  They are super for skimming off vegetation.  You don't try to take a lot off in one go.  I have seen them in use in hot countries like Portugal.  The hoe operative need not use a lot of effort to scrape off the vegetation.  I knew some one who thought Manual Labour was a Spaniard.  Ha, ha..  

If you are about to tackle an overgrown area  or an allotment.  I would recommend you strim it down with a strimmer  or even put the brush cutter blade on it if its full of brambles, rake off the debris and compost it and then set to work with the Azada.  

It's not worth going mad like a bull in a china shop.  Wear gardening gloves to avoid blisters and off you go.  You will be amazed at  how quickly you clear the area.  

I use the silver shovel from England  for picking up the sliced vegetation.  Put it in the wheelbarrow and take it to your new compost heap where you put the brambles.  The shovel work involves bending your back.  But it gets you fit and finds you muscles that you never knew you had.

These are two of my favourite gardening tools.  What are yours?  


  1. Replies
    1. Good answers Heron. I could have done with those secateurs when I was walking along the country roads today. Thanks.

  2. Replies
    1. Good answer. Or maybe a goat? But they're browse grazers and also eat the plants. Thanks!

  3. The gardener, God bless him.

  4. Hi Valerie. Yes you have your own gardener. Does he work by the hour like silly old me? You can do an heck of a lot of work in an hour. Especially gardening. Thanks!

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