Sunday 7 July 2019

London Street Sellers From Times Gone By.

We went charity shop hunting again on Saturday.  The wife found these two prints.  They are called: Cries Of London.  They were in two modern and rather tatty picture frames.  What do  you want for one Euros and Fifty a piece?  You can see the price sticker in the right hand corner of the donkey picture.


The first one is entitled "Turnips and Carrots".

The second picture is entitled "New Mackerel New  Mackerel".

Francis Wheatley originally painted and exhibited his series of oil paintints "Cries Of London" at the Royal Academy between 1792 to 1795.  He was born in Convent Garden and painted the ordinary working people of that area.  His girlfriend is said to have modelled for some of the characters paintings.

Our prints are about 1920.  There are lots of them for sale on Ebay.  I saw one for sale for fifteen Euros and twelve Euros postage.  Not intrinsically a fortune.  But I still feel we discovered treasure and learned about a wonderful artist!  

I found this wonderful video on You Tube,  Enjoy!


  1. Where are the statues for the ordinary people?

  2. That's it isn't it ordinary people don't count except as workers and cannon fodder.

  3. It appears to be so Heron. At least in Cork city there is a statue for the onion seller. I featured her once on here. I love the paintings above. Covent Garden must have a wonderful place in the 18th century. Full of amazing characters and street traders selling their wares. Thanks for your comment.

  4. I don't know who the singer was/is but she sings beautifully - I tried to hit a high note as I typed but then I never was a singer. Thanks for sharing, Dave.

  5. Thanks Valerie. Its a wonderful video. Here's an old one for you: I came from a musical background. My mother had a Singer sewing machine!

    I love the prints. Especially they depict ordinary street hawkers. London must have been a lovely place before cars and traffic. Thanks!

  6. We should read books like The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists, The Road to Wigan Pier and How Green Was My Valley just to name three. They are monuments to ordinary people.

    I'd have to have a very good reason to go to a crowded, noisy, and violent city. Haven't been to London for donkeys years.

  7. Great books and film adaptations Gwil. Especially anything by George Orwell. There are some good and safe cities still worth visiting. I haven't been to London for donkeys years either. Thanks!

  8. There's lots of statues to ordinary workers in London, even a gardener somewhere. I am sure you will find them on Google

    1. Are there? There should be a statue of Del Boy outside Nelson Mandela House. Thanks Rachel.

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. I am off to the junk shop tomorrow. I need some pictures for the walls here to fill them in. I have been quite lucky in the charity shops around here. I got a water colour the other week in Dumfries for £1.50 the other week. Looks good up on the wall

  11. Hi Sol. Please do not leave us on tenterhooks. Show us the water colour on your blog. Good luck at the junk shop tomorrow. Thanks!

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