Thursday 14 November 2019

Favourite Television Adverts.

Have you seen Edgar the Dragon in the new Christmas John Lewis advert?  He's a character.  His inventors created the famous Meerkats.  You can buy an Edgar the dragon soft toy from John Lewis stores or online, but you will have to be QUICK!

My favourite  television advert this year is the dancing Pandas on the Sudocrem advert.  Regular readers will know my love for Japanese gardens and pottery.  Its an hypnotising video.  Just a shame it's so short.  I could watch those dancing Pandas for hours.

Thanks for your comments yesterday.  I always appreciate them all!


  1. Pandas are native to China aren't they? Still there are Pandas that live in Tokyo zoo.

  2. Now I can see why you like pandas so much. I seem to remember having a toy panda when I was a youngster, or maybe it was one bought for my own son. Memory failure is at work again but I don't care!

  3. Hi Valerie. Yes I like Pandas. Edgar the dragon looks like he will be very popular too. Somebody not very far from me has a toy Border Collie at the side of one's bed. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Very quick Gwil. The dancing Pandas always make me smile. Like watching fish swimming in a tank or looking into an open fire. Memorising even. Thanks!

    1. As you may remember Dave my favourite adverts are the PG chimps. The TV adverts in Austria? I've been here decades and not one has made an impression, is all I can say.

  5. Hi Gwil. Every now I see an advert that makes me smile. The PG Tips chimps were brilliant. I loved the Webster's Yorkshire bitter adverts with the drey horses too. I will post one on the blog some time.

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