Sunday, 3 November 2019

Looking At Old LPs.

Regular readers will know we are serious collectors of a myriad kinds of stuff.   Be it old plates, antiques, plants (house plants or the garden variety), books, CDs and yesterday I looked at the old vinyl records we have collected over the years. 

The wife's  are typically immaculate  and pristine whilst  mine have the scratches, finger marked and dog eared album covers.  The wife's  are mainly Chris De Burgh, Evita and Super Tramp records and mine are heavy rock and a few Christian records.  Wonder what happened to my Stranglers records?
 I use to go to Evangelical churches and to Greenbelt Christian festival...?

This was in my late teens and early twenties. 
Friends moved away and I drifted gradually away from the Christian scene but I kept some of the records I collected.  They are like so many of my old books.  I will probably never read them or listen to the records but they are friends that I like to keep.

Any road or any way.  I found an old Nutshell record in our collection.  They are an English band from the seventies and eighties and l think you might like one of their tracks.  It was playing on my mental jukebox yesterday.  Then I went  over to good old You Tube and found the very track.

Does anybody remember Nutshell? Did you ever go to Greenbelt?  I went to Odell and Knebworth Greenbelt festivals.

Hope you like it?


  1. I enjoyed it very much. I am not familiar with Nutshell but think it almost certain I must have heard them before. Thank you for sharing this post Dave, and things about you I didn't know but helps me understand you and your life a bit more.

  2. Glad you liked the song Rachel. I have said it before that music from forty years ago is more preferable than a lot of today's music. Nutshell were a Christian group but I am sure they could have been a very successful secular pop group. It's strange how we hold on to things be they for sentimental or other reasons. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Never heard of Nutshell but like the music. Takes me back to the seventies.

  4. Yes definitely LA. I love the harmonies. Seventies music. Yes you have got it spot on.

  5. This is the style of music I like. What's more I knew some of the words! Nice start to the day, thank you.

  6. I am glad you liked the music Valerie. Thank you.


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