Sunday, 16 May 2021

A Song That's Always Followed Me Wherever I Go.

One of my first proper Rock band concerts was  seeing Thin Lizzy in 1981 at Manchester Apollo.  I was seventeen years of age and I have been a Lizzy fan all my life.  

I have also seen former  Lizzymembers like Gary Moore at Milton Keynes Bowl and Snowy White again (I saw with Thin Lizzy on the Renegade tour ( in Roger Waters band performing The Wall in Warsaw.  I've also seen founder member Eric Bell play twice in Bantry.

When I was growing up in Lancashire I often drank in a Rock pub and Whiskey In The Jar by Thin Lizzy would always been playing on the pub jukebox.

It's  a song about a famous Irish Highwayman in the Cork and Kerry mountains.  Not far from here there is the tunnel road from Glengarriff to Kenmare in the Cork and Kerry mountains.  

There's also the mention of a  Molly.  Could she be the one who wheeled her wheelbarrow through the the streets broad and narrow...?

When we moved over here twenty years ago.  We often travelled in the car, my wife and the then small children would sing Whiskey In The Jar going through the stone tunnels on the way to the Kingdom and Killarney.

I've found two great videos of the Irish classic for your enjoyment:

My favourite band is probably  Kansas followed by Thin Lizzy.  I feel privileged to say I have seen them both.

Do you have a favourite Rock band or song that's travelled with you wherever you go?


  1. I don't believe that I have a particular song that's travelled with me like that but if there is one you could pick from "Blowin' In the Wind" by Bob Dylan, "Scarborough Fair" as arranged by Paul Simon, "Alright Now" by Free and "Suzanne" by Leonard Cohen, plus anything from "Blue" by Joni Mitchell and many songs by Jackson Browne including "These Days" and "For Everyman".

  2. I wouldn't mind listening to Yorshire Pudding Radio with a song list like the one you mentioned. I think Leonard Cohen was a musical poet. Sometimes deep and depressing songs but always profound. Good record choices. Thanks!

  3. "And now pop pickers. Coming in at number fourteen from the new Irish singing sensation. It's Dave Northsider with "I Believe in Leprechauns (Cos I Saw One Under the Bridge)"!"

  4. It will probably be number one in Iceland or Asda?

  5. Oh goodness me, that has made me think of my old school friend Shirley. She absolutely loved Phil Lynott. Sadly she died of cancer back in the late 1980s when only in her thirties.

  6. I'm sorry JayCee. Phil was and is one of my all time Rock heroes. He was born in Birmingham and loved Manchester United like myself. His mother Philomena lived in Clonakilty. Phil was only 36 when he passed on. I would imagine he's entertaining everyone in Heaven. Thanks.

  7. The Doobie Brothers. They had a song for just about every mood, didn't they? I love America too, although they didn't last long. I like Kansas, and Jethro Tull was on my 'bucket list'. I glad to have seen them both. I see that the Doobie Brothers are playing a couple hours from here in September. I think we'll treat ourselves.

    1. Yep Debby. I'm a big Tull fan. Martin Barre every day of the week. Kansas are the only band that I have seen that I cried with tears of joy. Blue Oyster Cult were another special concert.

  8. Oh so many - I like listing to Cat Stevens in the car - his new stuff too; and though my main thing is jazz I like lots of Eighties music too. One of my favourite bands is Prefab Sprout, which a lot of people who know me think odd.
    PS. Re. your comment on the Bikeshed; you'd make a good rock journalist. If you blog enough about bands and use the right headlines, they will get picked up the music press eventually.

  9. Thanks for the encouragement Mark. Like yourself I am a published author. I never believed I would achieve it but I did. I think Prog Rock and Jazz and the Blues are all very closely linked.

  10. I would be spoilt for choice listening to any of the above, Thin Lizzie for the "Boys are Back in Town", Gary Moore for "Still got the Blues" and "Texas Strut", Jackson Brown for "Fountain of Sorrow" and "Late for the Sky". I could go on, but will say the one that I was intoduced to "Cream" when I was about 15 and love them, but never got to see them. Eric Clapton has followed me around and I have seen him three times, in The Royal Albert Hall, I would love to see him again.

  11. Sorry that was me above Helen S.

  12. Great choices na. I think I have seen Jethro Tull fourtimes. That's the one band I have seen the most.


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