Wednesday 19 May 2021

Bantry Marina On A May Morning.

 I took this photo this morning while I was waiting for the ferry to take me to the island where I am working for a few weeks:

It could anywhere when the sun shines.  The new Marina looks great.  There are pleasure boats, fishing boats all waiting to go for a sail.

Supposed to be a gale on Thursday.  I like to live in the countryside next to  the sea.  But you are always conscious of the power of the elements.

Hopefully the sun will return along with the tourists.  

Will blog again in a day or two.


  1. Hope you are not out at sea during Thursday's gale.

  2. No it's a short crossing when it's a day like tomorrow. Thanks.

  3. I know what you mean about the power of elements - sea, rain, and earth too...

  4. Yes Mark the power of elements -sea, rain, wind and earth all determine respect. I always wanted to live next to the sea but sometimes I wish we had more shelter. The weather is very unseasonal for the month of May.

  5. Enjoy being back on Craggy Island Father Jack! No need to tell the other priests that you have a wife and two sons back on the mainland. That can be our little secret.

    1. I could have done with some drinks with Father Jack today YP. It blew the cobwebs away.

  6. Looks sort of familiar. Hope they have a good summer of sailing

  7. Yes all Marinas look familiar Linda. It must be wonderful to sail to any town you want.

  8. I've not had so much as a sniff of the sea for over a year now. Must try in the next few weeks, before it gets too busy with tourists!

  9. Hi the veg artist. You have some wonderful beaches where you live. I like the seaside but I am not keen on the gales. You never get use to them.


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