Saturday, 15 May 2021

Pictures From My Little Piece Of Paradise.

I got up this morning and went outside to see my beloved veg plot, polytunnel and plant nursery.  Talk about the darling buds of May.  All the rain and sunshine is doing wonders to make everything grow and flourish:

A fragrant Geranium in full flower.  It's perfume is incredible.  Bees love it.
My early potatoes loving the rain and sun.

Leeks growing outside in plastic modules in my old homemade Heath Robinson type cold frame.

Inside 'Portugal' my polytunnel pal.  I had just gave it's daily watering.
Elephants ears in an old wheelbarrow.  Behind them his my experimental container/plant pots garden.  You can also see my wheelie bin which I fill with water to fill my watering cans.
My ever increasing plant nursery.  I have hundreds and hundreds of perennials in plant pots.  If you  are starting a garden and you want some cheap plants that come back every year, I'm your man!
Onions in plant pots.  Much easier that making wooden raised beds.  They seem to love having a depth of soil and proof once again you don't  need a garden to grow things.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to my Irish potager on the Irish  Riviera.


  1. Your passion for gardening is admirable. I might have said "infectious" but that might not have been appropriate in these difficult times.

  2. Thanks YP. One thing I have learned through walking and gardening recently is that nature carries on regardless.

  3. I love the way you say 'my beloved poly-tunnel' - truly I do; it's wonderful to have passions in life.

  4. It's my outside horticultural office. It's survived some awful storms and let's me potter about even when it's raining. You're right Mark it's wonderful to have passions in life.

  5. Monty Don, eat your heart out!

  6. Monty is a cool character and one of my favourite television gardeners JayCee. Along with Carol Klein. We both have similar accents and I love her cheerful nature.

    1. I rather like Monty too. He can come and visit any time he wants 😉

  7. Kim Wilde does it for me. Unbelievable.

  8. You are so cheerful today! It's amazing what a difference a garden makes to your Irish soul, Northsider. It made me smile to read it.

    Enjoy your day in your corner of the world.

    We inoculated our mushroom logs this morning and preparing to head out to our own little piece of paradise.

  9. I am Debby. I had a great week talking to people and now I am back with my polytunnel and plants. Thanks.

    Please write some posts about your mushroom logs. I have never grown them.

  10. So many pots and all healthy too. Hope those car boot sales open up very soon

  11. Lots and lots of perennials in pots and free nitrogen from all the rain Linda. I keep thinking about getting a market stall but I never seem to get round to it. Thanks!

  12. I enjoy going out before breakfast to have a look at my veg plot and the greenhouse too. Dew on the grass, birds tweeting loudly, sun starting to peek into the garden. All gearing up for another day's growth. Perfect.

  13. Perfick - "The Darling Buds Of May". My first job in the morning is to look at the gardens and polytunnel and turn on the hose. I wish every month was May.


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